Jul 16, 2012

15 great stories you probably missed over the weekend

Local PR guy and Media Critic John Landsberg nails KMBZ Radio for running too much Lighter Side entertainment when there's REAL NEWS to be covered.

   KMBZ might want listeners to think the station is delivering the weekday “news” (virtually no news is reported on weekends), but in reality listeners might be better served going elsewhere for legitimate news. KMBZ could really be considered ”news lite.”  He builds his case well...

RADIOMAN SEZ:  I'd add THIS:  It didn't used to be that way.  But their new  programmer obviously wants less right-wing politics from their talk shows, and less local siren-chasing.  He's directed them towards more info-tainment by their personality anchors.  Kind of a G'morning America thing.  

It's good the local ranters aren't just doing right-wing propaganda but YET, comprehensive news with a lean staff is a very hard job to do!  Right?   They've scaled down their reporting staff that used to be able to do that.

  Guess Darla Jaye's not the queen of the local Tea Party anymore under this new administration at KMBZ.    Good strategy , most of us agree! 

But politics aside,   Read Landsberg's case tho.  It's a good criticism against KMBZ's new Happy Talk Radio morning show disguised as news!

INSIDE TELEVISION:  What happened to Channel 9, KMBC?

Well, KMBC's parent company is having a little contract dispute with Time Warner cable over how much TWC should pay them to carry their signals.  (Sorry for the inconvenience, 9's owner Hearst says on their website.)   For now, TWC has dropped them.   But TV people are talking about it locally....

(From the TV internet chat room in kc)  So why are no stations reporting this big news that KMBC is no longer on Time Warner? I mean all stations report on some of the most silly news stories but when 40% of the metro does not have the #1 station in the metro no one even reports this? Bigger news than chasing fire trucks I feel.

(Answer)  KMBC not being offered is not newsworthy. It would be unnecessary and free publicity to them and their viewers that CAN see them may go and watch them. Plus, if you like to watch KMBC and notice they aren't there, then you should be informed by now as to what's happening and wrong.

What's newsworthy though, is how DirecTV and Viacom are currently having THEIR OWN little tiff over rebroadcasting fees or whatever like Hearst and TWC are, and how if you have DirecTV, you literally just lost about 5 or 6 network channels.

Besides, not only that, but apparently one, two, if not all three of the other stations are disputing with Nielsen that their ratings (KMBC duh) are even THAT high, as high as they are (especially the mornings and nights), so once again, why give them free publicity and promote them?
The other stations are having a field day with this you know and, reports say, KMBC is doing pretty well while missing so many TV sets on Time Warner which is carrying "The Hallmark Channel!"  instead of ABC network product and local KMBC news.


2012 Repeat: Trouble in the Power & Light Entertainment district

Unruly hangout for young people with nothing to do on a Saturday Night.... risks the venue for paying customers.   Here's a blog comment from a reader:
I was down there tonight. Grand Blvd. looked like Westport again for the 2nd weekend in a row. Hundreds of black youth and 20's hanging out, blocking the entire sidewalk area from 14th to 13th St. KCPD came in and moved all of them out of the area. They went to the parking lot near 13th and Grand that was not being monitored for pay to park and eventually left the area. PD did a good job getting the trouble out of there. Guys were grabbing girls and trying to get them into the parking garage and cars and fights were breaking out every 20 feet or so.
 More on the story, and other (unruly) comments on Tony's Kansas City


The NUMBERS show the GOP lies about growth under their supervision.  Take a look at this:


Forbes:  Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama?

It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic scratch his head in confusion.
Amidst all the cries of Barack Obama being the most prolific big government spender the nation has ever suffered, Marketwatch is reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Who knew?
The rest of the details from Forbes –


A PHONY NEWS STORY from the Drudge Report

Vice Presidential Nominee Condi Rice would be a monumental disaster for the Romney campaign

Mitt Romney has problems with conservative Republicans.  Yet, according to the Drudge Report instead of picking a conservative vice presidential running mate, he seems poised to select a partner that is even more "moderate" than himself, Condoleeza Rice.  Bill Kristol, infamous head of the neo-conservative movement, sites comments by Ann Romney that her husband is focused on picking a female candidate as evidence backing up Drudge's claims.

Radioman predicted last week this would be a dead story the first of the week, and it's GONE!!


DEMOCRACY, or government of only the rich?  It was predicted!


TRICKY GOP:  Don't let young or old Democrats VOTE AT ALL.  Manufacture a voter ID problem!

Voter ID Laws Are the Last Gasp of a Fading GOP Strategy Check it.

VIDEO:  Pennsylvania State GOP leader admits what other Republicans won't:  their voter-supression bill will win his state for Romney!   Whoops....they admit Voter ID is a Republican SCAM!


Associated Press

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) has called her voter-ID law one of her signature accomplishments in public office. 

The voter-suppression measure, intended to eliminate fraud that appears to exist only in Republicans' imaginations, was intended to go into effect this year.

The Justice Department had other ideas.

See the rest of this voter ID scam from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's blog


 Muslim nutcases want to destroy the pyramids of Egypt!

Radical Muslim clerics: Raze Egypt's pyramids
According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids — or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i, those “symbols of paganism,” which Egypt’s Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax.  More from Washington Times

Radiomankc:  Doesn't this kinda remind you of US evangelical Christians who hope to take over America's democracy in their Old Testament religious zeal to put religion in OUR government?  


Private US religious schools - arab Style but Christian.

Did any of them take a public school citizenship class, or did they all go to church-based fundamental unlicensed Christian parochial Madrasah schools in their church basements??   

Remember when small, fundamental US church schools in their naivete, starting buying the ACE "Accelerated Christian Education" workbook curriculum, where workbooks for kids stuck in church cubicles, taught that MATH was defined as  "5 loaves of bread plus Jesus = lunch for 5,000?"

No certified teachers, just parental "monitors" all filled with  the blind glory of Biblical Jesus, as they saw him.  Parental child abuse, if there ever WAS! 
 And to think, Republicans want to give Federal money vouchers to parents to pay for this kind of PRIVATE superstition for their children?   Classic case of Republicans who will give away the whole store and all the nation's children, to win an election!


Good laugh from Facebook:  

In the sixties, this was the smell of a Friday pop quiz in high school.  Now kids just stiff glue fr a rush.


BAIN CAPITAL funny stuff--Is it a real story or just BS?

Romney and EXACTLY WHEN he worked to outsource jobs overseas in his past.

Radioman KansaSitty   I've noticed the pro-right Washington times is downplaying the Bain Capital debate about WHEN Romney outsourced jobs overseas as just Obama campaign trickery. Course that's what the Republicans did before Nixon resigned too...about Watergate.

The Times never prints my stuff because I don't toe their line...But here's what I told them:

Republicans are always forgiving of their leaders because a bad Republican is better than a good Democrat, in their minds.

Here's a chance to stop one before he screws up the country....and you guys are staying on message and blindly following your party's leadership who lust after the power at the bidding of people who have more money in the bank than you can even IMAGINE. Our deficit would be smaller and a lot more American soldiers would be alive if you'd vetted GWB! Wake up "MERICA!"


Romney financial secrets...about his IRS tax returns!
And guess what? The one complete tax return Romney's released details massive offshore investments in the Cayman Islands, a Swiss bank account, and huge deductions for his ballet horse—tax-dodging methods only available to the super-rich.3 So what's in the other tax returns that he doesn't want the American people to see?
Enough's enough. It's time for Mitt to come clean with the American people. Public pressure is building, and we have an opportunity to pour it on with a MASSIVE petition, because everyone can agree that Americans need to know the basic truth about our presidential candidates (even your conservative uncle).

PROOF:  If Romney left Bain in 1999, lets see his tax returns for 1999 through 2002!  If he refuses, why believe the guy, given that he actually signed government forms through 2002 as the sole owner and manager of Bain Capital? 

What would that mean?   It would mean he was responsible for OUTSOURCING US JOBS OVERSEAS by BAIN CAPITAL...and that begs the question...Do we want this "I"ll create JOBS" liar as our president?

Yeah, jobs all right. Jobs in China and India.  Yup, he'd be the POSTERBOY for the Rich Republican party and he'd be HUMILIATED in the November election!
 Republicans say 'bullshit!"  Right-shiller Fox News Carl Cameron Decides: Criticizing Romney Over Bain Is "Frankly ... A Bit Of A Triviality   (course the Nixon White House called Watergate, a second rate burglary...which eventually cost Richard Nixon his presidency.)

Bottom line on Romney and his company, Bain Capital:  Show us your returns, Mitt, all the way back to 1999.  If you won't, then well just accept your formal, signed legal documents: Meaning you outsourced jobs overseas!   And that makes you a FRAUD and not worthy to be our President!

Not a pretty picture of what America's becoming


There's Been a Tectonic Shift on Marijuana Across the US, Except in Washington -- Why Can't We Pop the Beltway Bubble?

More Americans and local politicians than ever before are demanding an end to marijuana prohibition -- but for change to happen, we need federal officials to start listening.   More on this tidal wave from ALTERNET


Occupational hazard of being a television reporter.  Check this and think about it for a moment! 

(H) "A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand." ~ Bertrand Russell 



Can you actually STAND women who talk BABYTALK to their kids and their pets?  Kindergarten teachers have to break SOOO many bad parental habits!

Note to MOM:  are you sooooo attentive to your kids every need, that you teach them NOT to be on their own, but to be dependent on YOU to make all their decisions,  and do everything for them to keep them attached to you?  

Never do for a kid what he's old enough to do for himself. 
  That teaches independence....or do you really want them to be dependent on YOU for the rest of his life?  Do you think that's good parenting or are you just being selfish because it makes YOU feel good?

 Ya know, it's very hard for a grown guy to find a woman who will treat him as your grandma treated your grandpa!  Moreover, we make our OWN sandwiches today.  Do our OWN laundry, and when the working wife is gone, we vacuum the house because its one of the things we do.  Some of us actually, COOK, imagine that? 



Have a nice day!
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