Jun 28, 2012

BEST HEALTHCARE LAW UPHELD...amid reporter confusion

The "ObamaCare" mandate was upheld by the Supreme Court, but not for what the Obama administration was arguing.  The court today says it's Constitutional because its' really a TAX and THAT's allowed, but not because of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to regulate citizen behavior, as Obama argued.    That tripped a lot of people UP!

Obama wins anyway, but for a different reason.

The wording of the opinion brought some confusion in front of the courthouse at 10AM....that, in fact, caused CNN and FOX to initially call it wrong....and then they had to back out of their error with a correction.  They didn't read it thoroughly, and jumped to conclusions because of its unclear language at first blush.  THEIR bad!

While hailed initially as a victory for the President, reporters were wrestling with the wording of what it all means for several hours.   Most people thought it would be struck DOWN, but it wasn't.  Chief Justice Roberts surprised everyone by voting FOR IT!  But for a different reason than most people expected.   Now just how 'bad' is it?

Is it socialized medicine?

UPDATE:  Republican leaders, quick to react, promised to repeal the law in Congress.   The usual suspects like Mitch McConnell.    

But Mitt Romney himself was the main GOP spokesman, avoiding to call it what its name is, "The Affordable Care Act".  He called it "ObamaCare" over and over, in his reaction speech shortly after the decision was announced.  Probably 20 times... clearly a wordsmith strategy!

Promised to repeal "OBAMAcare" on his first day as president.  That may cost him the election, all by itself, because this law will please a lot of Americans who can't afford outrageously high hospital costs for ordinary and routine procedures!

These fools will regret their stance against this innovative law.   Obama's centerpiece legislation, his presidential legacy, will be accepted with open arms by Americans who are sick of suffocating health care costs.  It will be welcomed like Social Security was welcomed, though Republicans hated that law too when it was passed.   Maybe hospitals and doctors will now start charging SENSIBLE RATES, not OUTRAGEOUS RATES that bankrupt families!

The law actually makes people responsible for their OWN health care expenses by prohibiting those who CAN AFFORD Insurance from just walking into an ER without it, and expecting service that the rest of us have to pay through OUR insurance in the form of higher hospital fees!   Oh, if the Republicans had pitched it first, and it had been THEIR IDEA!  They actually did, but Obama actually GOT IT PASSED... and they got snookered! 

Plus all kinds of other cool stuff, like keeping young adults on their parents' policies until age 28, banning insurance companies from cutting off chronically sick people, or refusing to insure those of us who have pre-existing conditions.  SERIOUS REFORM! 

Yes.  "ObamaCare" works!

Finally the US joins the 21st Century with most modern nations in reforming health care's financial stranglehold on our people.  More needs to be done to refine the law...to take some of the outlandish corporate PROFIT out of caring for America's sick and dying.  But it's a HUGE start already!

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