Jun 30, 2012

PRICELESS! Photo of Pelosi/Boehner: Happy, Not so Much

$64 billion dollar question. Look at that man's picture. Ask yourself. Is he willing to destroy the economy to get even with Barack Obama?

Click! This photo speaks louder than words.

The snap of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., seemed to say it all, about the emotions surrounding the Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Obama's health care law--even though the photo was taken the day before and had nothing to do with the health care news.

The quirky picture was first surfaced by the Atlantic's Molly Ball, who tweeted it on Thursday afternoon, the day after it was snapped.

The photo quickly caught the attention of the Web. The Washington Post even held a caption contest.

The image, taken on Wednesday by a sharp-eyed Associated Press photographer at an event honoring members of the Montford Point Marines, seemed to express the partisan mood of the country.

Pelosi looks joyful; Boehner looks like a child who has had his toys taken away from him. Or maybe just a man sentenced to eating a lot of broccoli.

Comments like these on the photo were typical. Wrote @comancheblood: "… boehner about to cry." @SovernNation added, "Way more than 1000 words! Sums up #SCOTUS reax perfectly."
Indeed Pelosi was thrilled by the decision, tweeting, "Victory for the American people!" Boehner, for his part, vowed to repeal the law.


Bonus graphic:
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Oh, we're on a ROLL!

Presidents don't set gas prices. However, in case you never heard about it, in April the Obama administration asked Congress TO REGULATE OIL SPECULATION. Looks like President Obama's plan has had a positive impact. Oil speculation is down and so are gas prices.

President Obama’s $52 million plan to increase the margin requirements and otherwise TIGHTEN THE SCREWS ON OIL SPECULATORS (who borrow huge sums to bet on the direction of oil without taking delivery) cut oil prices and the lowered price of gasoline has added $78.4 billion to consumers’ spending power.

Republicans blamed President Obama for the price of gasoline for months. Haven't heard anything from them about the decrease in the price of gas. Have you?

What's the price of a gallon of regular gas in your neighborhood?
Poster via: 'The Political Christian'

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