Apr 7, 2012

The "Talk" -- black and white parents give different talks to their kids about race.

"The Talk".  White version
For non black parents, how whites avoid trouble with blacks.   
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"The Talk".  Black version

For black parents in Pasadena, shootings give fresh relevance to 'The Talk'


** The author of the "White Version" here was fired from his job for writing what many call hate speech.  Even so, this blogger sees a great deal from this treatise in the attitudes of a great many whites.  Here are some comments related to the article.



Interesting comment from TKC's blog this weekend on a thread about the PD, presumably by a KCPD officer.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well.....when the neighborhood I patrol is 90% black, it makes it difficult to find anyone else to stop. When I see a white boy from Johnson County driving around 45th and Prospect, I'd stop him just on principle. He's looking for weed, or is lost and a potential victim for black on white crime. And look at the numbers in Kansas City. Who does 90% of the crime? This is why 90% of the officers in Kansas City work SOUTH of the river as opposed to north of the river. Not saying white people don't do crime, just saying they only do 10% of the crime in Kansas City. So yes, if your a young black male and are committing a simple law violation like walking in the street in a "hot spot", I'm going to stop said black male. Call it stereotyping if you want, but the Supreme Court calls it doing my job. Walk on sidewalks and be as shady as you want, drive your car with legal tags and obey the laws like everyone else, and you won't get fucked with by the police. People in the ghetto are just stupid is all.
4/7/12 5:14 PM


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