Apr 6, 2012

PATHOLOGICAL VIDEO: 7 Mitt Romney lies exposed in 84 seconds.

The Obama campaign takes seven of Mitt Romney's attacks on President Obama and exposes each one of them as transparent lies in this 84 second, must-watch video:

From time to time, all politicians stretch the truth, but Mitt Romney is in a league of his own. Whether he's talking about himself or his opponent, he's one of the most consistently dishonest politicians ever to seek the presidency. He spouts so much nonsense it's almost like he's delusional, but he's not.

He knows he's lying. He's not the kind of guy who actually believes in conspiracy theories. He's the kind of guy who, when it serves his own interest, creates conspiracy theories for others to believe.

And the great thing about this video is that it efficiently and persuasively exposes Romney for who he really is: an unscrupulous salesman. 



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