Mar 4, 2012

Who listens to Rush Limbaugh anyway?

The nastiness of right-wing media has a way of turning everyday people into objects of partisan hatred. The latest such unwitting celebrity is Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student whose advocacy for contraception coverage captured the attention of Rush Limbaugh.

The radio host demonstrated characteristic charm and decency when he misrepresented Flukes stance, called her a “slut” on national radio, and then suggested that she (and millions of other women) make a sex tape for him.

Limbaugh’s vicious comments earned rebukes from the presidents of both Georgetown and the United States: The former issued a thoughtful and wise statement on the matter, and the latter called Fluke to offer his support. Their gracious behavior not only highlighted how crass and nasty Limbaugh is, but it also raised the question: Who are the 15 million people who listen to this guy?

Read the demographic answer from The New Republic....

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