Mar 11, 2012

Video: Wonder why Republicans always want to sell you a war?

Dare you to watch with an open mind, this 1964 video excerpt from The Americanization of Emily.  WARNING: Enlightenment ahead Don't be scared!!!

Sadly, this film didn't keep us out of Vietnam and 50,000 killed Americans - thank you LBJ.  And it doesn't keep nearly all the Republican presidential candidates from openly stirring American's young men to go be heroes in yet another foreign war.  Ain't patriotism grand?  Oh lets go worship our dead ancestor soldiers who died for .....uh....

Onward Christian Soldiers, marching gallantly off to war (this time in Iran or Syria.)   What would Jesus think about THIS NEXT 2012 proposed war?

Dare to click the YOUTUBE link to expand your mind to question war and help to decide WHO to vote for to lead America for the next 4 dangerous years!  TIP:  Those who TALK the most Christian aren't necessarily ones He approves of!

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