Mar 7, 2012

They're feeding PINK SLIME to your kids at school

pink slime beef

Like a horror-film villain, "pink slime"—the cheeky nickname for scraps of slaughtered cow that have been pulverized, defatted, subjected to ammonia steam to kill pathogens, and congealed into a filler for ground beef—takes a pounding but keeps coming back.

Last month, McDonald's announced it would stop using the stuff. But just this week, pink slime got a de facto endorsement from none other than the USDA, which—the online journal The Daily reported—plans to keep buying millions of pounds of it for use in the National School Lunch Program.

Read/AND WATCH more from Mother Jones....but will you tell your children and spoil their lunch? 

KMBC: KC stores mostly DON'T weigh in on their practice of what's in their ground "beef."

Maybe you should skip "ground beef" and stick to buying more pricy 'ground roundsteak' and "ground chuck".   And just buy kosher but expensive "Hebrew National" hot dogs which are never on sale.   Ask your butcher if their hamburger supplier mixes pink slime into their ground 'beef'.

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