Feb 13, 2012

Magic! Mccartney video.... Golden Slumbers..The End

LINK: The Grammy night masterful performance of Golden Slumbers by Paul McCartney and friends was removed from YouTube, no doubt by CBS. 

IF it's still available, here it is from the Grammys....watch it twice, you may never see this masterpiece again!!

Otherwise....Here's a substitute because it's worth watching and listening to.

This song was the last piece of music on the 2012 Grammys.... Sir Paul McCartney, one of the two surviving Beatles, performs "Golden Slumbers... The End" to close off the Grammy broadcast on Feb 12, 2012....with the lead guitarist cast of the Grammys...likely the best guitarists alive.

This is a must watch for anyone wanting to understand and enjoy the best of rock music.... from ballad to metal in one performance, it shows the genius and versatility of the Beatles as recorded on "ABBEY ROAD", their last song on their last album as a classic rock group. The Grammys closed their show with it. 

(It was on YouTube --and here--for less than 24 hours before being removed, presumably by CBS which is not offering it on its own website.  What's here is simply another, lesser but adequate, live version of the same McCartney masterpiece.)

...and incidentally I closed my deejay show every night on American Forces Radio - Korea with the last part of it (The End)...at 8:57pm 1971 Monday through Friday after Abbey Road came out.. Yup, some of us knew what genius it was to rock music even 40 years ago! And here it comes again in 2012. McCartney knew it too!

Like Music?  This is pretty interesting too...

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