Feb 28, 2011

Funny Stuff: buy a gun, and a pack of chesterfields

Great stuff from the Greatest Generation!

Anonymous has a new target: The Koch brothers

Anonymous has a new target: The Koch brothers
blatantly stolen from The Pitch

anonymous-logo.jpgThe loose collective of hackers known as Anonymous have two new Kansas targets in their cross hairs: Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch of Wichita's Koch Industries.

Last week, Anonymous took on Topeka's gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church. Anonymous announced on its website the plan to go after the Koch bros as a sign of solidarity with union workers protesting in Wisconsin. Anonymous said on its website: "The Koch brothers have made a science of fabricating 'grassroots' organizations and advertising campaigns to support them in an attempt to sway voters based on their falsehoods."

Here's more from the Anonymous press release:
Koch Industries, and oligarchs like them, have most recently started to manipulate the political agenda in Wisconsin. Governor Walker's union-busting budget plan contains a clause that went nearly un-noticed. This clause would allow the sale of publicly owned utility plants in Wisconsin to private parties (specifically, Koch Industries) at any price, no matter how low, without a public bidding process. The Koch's have helped to fuel the unrest in Wisconsin and the drive behind the bill to eliminate the collective bargaining power of unions in a bid to gain a monopoly over the state's power supplies.
Our sister blog in New York City Runnin' Scared reported that Anonymous' first strike was knocking down the Koch-backed website for Americans for Prosperity with a denial of service attack (the site is back up again). Anonymous' second offensive: A good ol' fashioned boycott of Koch's paper products under the Georgia Pacific brand name.

Couldn't happen to a couple nicer guys!

Feb 27, 2011

Was the Academy Awards all that Boring? Not really.

Oscars are always about thanking Joe Oborne and Frank Duhucky, and William Franlinsteinowsky, (people we never heard of) etc... but it ended nicely with kids singing and it was kinda better than watching another rerun of Criminal Minds!  It was fine, no matter what the professional critics say.  It wasn't as boring as they said...it was like every other year!

The guy who forgot his wife's name... was he stoned or has he just had too many wives and he got confused and didn't want to take a chance and piss off his current one?

We weren't held at gunpoint to watch it.  So I wont' bitch about it.  AMC's running a great number of BIG TIME great films this week, and they're well worth the watch!!

Here is a riddle for the true intellectual….

Try to come up with the answer on your own. However, Woodstock will offer an  answer  at the bottom for those who are unable to think this one through.

Here's the riddle:

At the exact same time, there are two 35-year-old men on opposite sides of the earth.

One is walking a tight rope between two skyscrapers at the 85th floor.

The other is getting oral sex from an 85-year-old toothless woman.

They are both thinking the exact same thing... What are they both thinking?
SCROLL down..

Don't look down?

Feb 26, 2011

Reducing your OWN Cancer Risks

I have a good friend, Carol, who just passed way far too young in Colorado... Mz Sunshine often sent me jokes to pass on to you all.  I knew she was sick and had been for a long time.  And then I got an email telling me to send her no more jokes.  I wrote back, that this didn't sound right.  And her husband said he was sorry for not sending me her obit.  Oh sigh.

And, another lifelong friend, Marine veteran Dave, a patriot who is fighting HIS cancer,  and has passed on his tips to us... and you've enjoyed quite a number of HIS jokes and inspirations as well,  if you're a regular RMAN reader.  And now we hear about local icon Bill Grigsby who brought a great many Kansas Citians lots of joy with the Chiefs.

Here's what my friend Dave has to offer us all today:

Feb. 3, 2011 -- About a third of some of the most common forms of cancer could be prevented through healthy diet , physical fitness , and limiting alcohol intake, the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund say in a new report.
About 7.6 million people die from cancer every year worldwide, and 12.7 million new cases are diagnosed. According to the Union for International Cancer Control, a third of cancer cases could be cured through early diagnosis and treatment and 30% to 40% could be prevented.
About 340,000 cases of cancer could be prevented annually in the U.S. if more people started eating a varied and healthy diet, started a regimen of physical activity, limited alcohol intake, and maintained a healthy weight , the new report says.
Exercise Reduces Cancer Risk

“Physical activity is recommended for people of all ages as a means to reduce risks for certain types of cancers and other non-communicable diseases,” says Tim Armstrong, MD, of the World Health Organization, says in a news release. “In order to improve their health and prevent several diseases, adults should do at least 150 minutes moderate physical activity throughout the week. This can be achieved by simply walking 30 minutes five times per week or by cycling to work daily.”
To reduce cancer risk, people also should quit smoking , avoid excessive sun exposure, and protect themselves against cancer-causing infections.
Tim Byers, MD, MPH, of the Colorado School of Public Health, says scientists urge Americans “to make the simple lifestyle changes of eating healthy food, getting regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight to reduce cancer risk.”
The World Cancer Declaration outlines 11 targets it says could be achieved by 2020 to fight cancer. These goals include: significant drops in global tobacco use, obesity, and alcohol intake; universal vaccination programs for hepatitis B and human papilloma virus (HPV); universal availability of effective pain medication ; and efforts to dispel misconceptions about cancer.
The health organizations say in a detailed report that the most common cancers in the U.S. and Britain are of the breast, colon/rectum, lung, and prostate .

Cancer Prevention Steps

The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends the following cancer-prevention steps.
  • Limit consumption of calorie-dense foods, particularly processed foods high in added sugar, low in fiber, or high in fat.
  • Avoid sugary drinks.
  • Eat more of a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans.
  • Limit consumption of red meats such as beef, pork, and lamb, and avoid processed meats.
  • Limit consumption of salty foods and foods processed with sodium.
  • Dietary supplements for lowering cancer risk are not recommended.
  • Be as lean as possible without becoming underweight.
  • Be physically active for 30 minutes or more every day.

Good luck with your chemo, fraternity brother!  DKS.

From KMBZ: Legendary Sports guy Bill Grigsby Dies

Legendary Chiefs Broadcaster Bill Grigsby Dies

Legendary Chiefs broadcaster Bill Grigsby died Friday night. Grigsby has been a Kansas City icon for decades. The Chiefs have put a tribute to Grigsby on their facebook page and tweeted that their thoughts and prayers are with the Grigsby family at this time. The Chiefs later said in a statement that they are saddened by the passing of Grigsby who spent 62 years in broadcasting. CEO Clark Hunt said, "Bill's voice brought some of the most memorable and exciting plays in Chiefs history to our fans. He will truly be missed."

Bill was 88, had prostate cancer and Parkville will be in mourning their local son Granddad.  PS... John has more.

America's OWN Civil War in 2011: Filthy Rich against the Working Class

The money people are running this campaign to gut American unions... this is the time, they show their cards in the big gunfight.  From Alternet:

Rupert Murdoch and David Koch Collude Against Wisconsin Workers

While Fox News feeds its rabble the anti-union line, Murdoch's Wall Street Journal columnists front for Koch's Americans for Prosperity and coddle elite investors.
In the week-long battle taking place in Wisconsin over Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights, you'd expect Fox News to be doing what it's done: misreporting the story, mistakenly characterizing a poll supporting public workers to mean its opposite, featuring Glenn Beck painting the protests of union workers as something cooked up by Stalinists. And you might be tempted to think, well, that's just Fox playing to its base of frightened Tea Partiers who prefer a fact-free zone to the more challenging territory of actual news, where the answers are never pat, and the world is a bit more complicated than it seems in the realm of Fox Nation.

You might think it's all about what brings in the advertising dollars for Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox's parent company, News Corporation. But it runs much deeper than that, involving key players at the Wall Street Journal, News Corp.'s crown jewel.

The informal partnership between billionaire David Koch, whose campaign dollars and astroturf group, Americans for Prosperity, have fomented the Wisconsin crisis, and billionaire Rupert Murdoch, is profoundly ideological -- the ideology being the exponential enrichment of the two men's heirs, all dressed up in the language of libertarianism and free enterprise. Together with his brother, Charles -- also a big donor to right-wing causes --David Koch runs Koch Industries, the conglomerate that sprang from the oil and gas company founded by his father (centered in part in Wichita).

King of the World and Lord of His Majesty's Media

Ginning up the right-wing rabble is a Fox News specialty. Glenn Beck is more than a talk-show host; he's Rupert Murdoch's community organizer. Like Koch, Murdoch embraces a completely deregulatory agenda: one that would leave giant corporations such as News Corp., the second largest entertainment company in the world, according to Fortune magazine, with nary a single regulation to stand in the way of profit-taking.

Like Koch, Murdoch has no use for unions, having famously broken the unions of the newspapers he runs in the U.K. Like Koch, Murdoch gave $1 million to the Republican Governors Association least year, the only difference being that Koch wrote a personal check for his contribution, while Murdoch's check was written on a News Corp. account.  (From Alternet)

Many people don't understand that as go the fortunes of US unions, so go the salary and benefit expectations of non union people nationwide.  Fact is, they set the standard for wages in the US.  This is a big deal!    Watchit!

Feb 25, 2011

The world has tolerated this tin horn dictator far too long!

Ack-mana-nazi over in Iran is next.  Then Me Short Dik in North Korea.

Obama's Boy Wonder Press Secretary: Not ready for Prime Time

Jay Carney took over earlier this month as the President's chief spokesman. But he's way over his head.  Double talk, repetitive, clearly afraid to make a gaffe.  Even Green. Carney today announced there would be sanctions against Libya over the carnage at the hands of Moummar Gadhafi. He had no details and to reporter questions, just played escape and evade.  He comes across to me as a cardboard cutout of a Press Secretary.

Hard to believe he's a 20 year journalist!
In January 2011, Carney, who left Time magazine for Vice President Joseph Biden's office in 2008, was chosen to succeed Robert Gibbs as White House press secretary.

Carney once held one of the best journalism jobs in Washington. As the D.C. bureau chief for Time magazine, he enjoyed prime access to movers and shakers in the nation’s capital.

But perhaps reflecting the turbulent times for print media outlets, Carney left journalism in December 2008 to work as communications director for Vice President Biden. He wasn't the first high-profile journalist to join the Obama administration. At the time he joined the administration, Carney’s decision raised eyebrows and brought a new round of charges that the press was in the bag for Obama. But Carney told reporters he had accomplished what he hoped in his 20-year career at Time, and that he was looking for new challenges. --Wash Post

What was the O'man thinking?

Daily Retreat

Nuff Said.

Feb 24, 2011

Israelis can be such butts!

I got so pissed off today at these Israeli assholes.

And I told 'em after they dicked with MY president today, just being presidential, shaking that Libyan nutbag's hand only because the West buys oil from him.   

Israelis NOTE: Don't pisk us off, little country!  Without us, and our money and big brother love, you'd be long gone!  You're just like us.  The Brits invaded the Americas, killed millions of native Indians and stole their land.  Did you  do anything different after 1948 in Palestine?

Get off your high horse.  Roosevelt made a big mistake establishing a Jewish State, displacing the Palestinians, even tho so many of you sheep's parents were horribly murdered by Hitler.  America didn't systematically murder them.  Germany did.  Take it up with THEM, not US!  Understand?  NOT America's guilt trip!

Yes it was horrible.  REALLY horrible.  GROTESQUELY horrible.  But Israel has been a liability ever since for the west., a difficult baby brother in law, for 60 years!  Be glad we still tolerate your arrogant little asses, against our better judgment!  You keep acting like its OUR fault!  And if we say anything, to undermine your 'privilege', you make 'trouble'!  Get people fired.  Seen it.

You don't like IRAN who is about to nuke you?  Well.  Go AFTER THEM for a change.  We'll clean up what you leave behind!  Just do what you have to do!

Maybe they're unhappy with the O'man for criticizing their latest settlements. 

PS... a Friend, Dave, sent me this... .  See it. 

The Only Surviving Album of  Auschwitz
This is the story of a Hungarian Jewish woman who survived  Auschwitz and found a coat belonging to a guard which she took to shield her from the cold immediately after her liberation.  In the pocket of this coat she found a photo album.  It contained pictures of what went on in this extermination camp.  Imagine her reaction when she saw a picture of herself coming off of the train as well pictures of her family who were already murdered.  This album at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem was donated by this woman in 1980 and will forever be displayed there.  When you have 5 minutes of peace and quiet in front of your computer, watch it and consider passing it around to people that you know so they can share it and know about it.  It is truly moving and important.
See link under.

Send your condolences to New Zealand's people after their horrible Earthquake

 Write your comment to this state department website.

Feb 23, 2011

Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) at KU tonight talking about Phil Kline

No, not talking to the right wing Temperate Women's Carey Nation Memorial Sobriety Society, but rather at the infamous downtown Lawrence "Free State Brewery" where we've all eaten and drank, and maybe even considered Lawrence's abolitionist history.  Even straight students at "GAY U" cheered when she talked about gay rights and abolitionists and liberty on her hour show.  Students, not studdying but cheering at every liberal comment she made on the stool towards her network camera.  Shit.  Ya'd think Janis Joplin was singing!  (Oh, she's gone, sigh))

But actually, Rach's in Ks this week to cover our very own ex-anti-abortion Attorney General Pfill Klein and his trickery against abortion, assassinated Dr Tiller, sex, motherhood and apple pie in court.  Klein's in the shit for his abuse of power to shut down abortion doctors, Planned Parenthood, and everything else the Baptists don't believe in.  He's on trial, what a switch.

Predictable, but way better than Fox Newz!  I still don't understand why anti-abortionists aren't doing unlimited time at Gitmo as terrorists!

Pay me or I'll overthrow the government!

Dear President Obama.  I've been so impressed by the demonstrators in the Mideast...I want to start one here.  Pay off my credit cards and my second mortgage, and I wont.  There's precedent!


Saudi’s $36bn bid to beat unrest
By Abeer Allam Published: February 23 2011 16:21 | Last updated: February 23 2011 18:37
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced financial support measures, worth an estimated SR135bn ($36bn), in a bid to avert the kind of popular unrest that has toppled leaders across the region and is now closing in on Libya’s Muammer Gaddafi.

The measures include a 15 per cent salary rise for public employees to offset inflation, reprieves for imprisoned debtors, and financial aid for students and the unemployed.
Saudi Arabia’s ruling family has thus far been spared the type of popular discontent that has toppled presidents in Tunisia and Egypt and brought Libya to the brink of civil war.

The announcement of the Saudi relief measures coincided with King Abdullah’s return to the country after three months. He had been abroad for medical treatment. Among those on hand to greet him was King Hamid bin Isa al-Khalifa of neighbouring Bahrain, which is struggling to contain a surging opposition movement.

The cash-rich Saudi government has pledged to spend $400bn by the end of 2014 to improve education, infrastructure and healthcare. “The king is trying to create wider trickle- down of wealth in the shape of social welfare,’’ said John Sfakianakis, chief economist at Banque Saudi Fransi. “The budget can handle that, but it is an aspirin to ease medium-term pain, not a solution for the long-term housing, and unemployment issue.”

 Maybe 25 or 30 percent increase in Social Security payments and free drugs will make us more satisfied? NO?  Well 20 percent then.


Got your attention, didn't I?   Watch MSNBC, and you'll see what askholes these people are!  They're trying to fucque us. In the buttsburger!

Bad radioman!  Trickery just to get webhits and for political reasons, just is not nice!

Feb 22, 2011

KC Election today, predictions

I'm just an observer.  I think Darla Jaye's right ...it'll be Sly and Funky for the final show after today's primary results are counted in KC. 

I'm heavily influenced by the political propaganda on TKC for I don't live in the city, have gone to none of the forums, and I've just watched the TKC spin.  Sounds like KC could do a lot worse with anybody but Sly.  The Funkster could win, but he doesn't deserve it. 

On other matters, I'm with Deb Hemann if she says the city should do fewer DUI checkpoints and assess fewer fines.  Deb's not going to move up the next level to  KC's Finals Idol show IMHO. 

Government in America may not shoot people in the streets, but they do exert power by attacking us economically.  Every ticket these days is a hundred dollar assessment on non-conformists, hit hardest on the poor who are often stopped just for driving old cars (DWP - "Driving while Poor").  Complete injustice by these predators in uniform!  (Remedy: more warnings, fewer tickets taking food out of kids' mouths!)
Government seems to be in the business of incarcerating as many people as possible.  I'm certainly not a Republican but I think government should be a little softer, not harsher.  And less visible.

One would think people in government believe we're working for/subservient to THEM, not the other way around.

Classic example of Government run AMOCK!:  CHECK IT:

I don't really like the word 'government' because I really don't need to be governed. 


Other thoughts since I have your attention.

Yaay Freedom in the Mideast but we'll pay for that instability at the pump.  Here comes inflation and while we will pay for that ten percent loss in purchasing power (except for our existing house payment), well the debt will be reduced and that's not a bad thing.  I've been through inflation before... it hurts unless you're advancing in your career so get salary increases.  But it takes a while for someone to reinvent 'COLA's again.. meantime it will hurt.

Chicken Little (MSNBC on cable) reports that gas may hit $5 a gallon but Saudi's not interested in that so they'll pump faster.  Stock market's freaky today, of course.  Pray for your retirement managers to have cool heads and if they don't get them fired!

Boo to Freedom Inc in KC.  Like Clay Chastain, we need to quit paying attention to them.  Shame on them for shaking down politicians!

Republicans are going to overplay their hand in Congress this year but not next year.  Still, they will pay the ultimate price in 2012, barring unforeseen events.

Blacks will continue killing each other.  They may not know it, but they're doing what Darwin said they would do.

Israel will eventually attack Iran if they don't overthrow Ack-Ma-Jena-Nazi's government.  But after everything is over, the mideast will be more democratic and less theocratic.  They've tasted freedom.  Can't put it back in the box.  Too bad people can't fix things without doing it with blood.

No prediction on Obama's reelection.  He deserves it but we are far more racist than we admit.  I'll only observe that anybody who would replace him won't be as good as he is.  Propaganda aside.

Here's mine.  Time Magazine's Man of the Year will be the Arab Protester.

10PM Results:  It turned out to be Sly and some white guy.  Sly's an upscale black guy and he's going to win hands down in the general.  Funkster came in third, out of the money.

Noticed on TV his wife wasn't looking for face time; she traded seats with someone else at Funk's defeat party when Mahoney's camera guy was gettin video.  And of course, the chairswitch was the very video they chose to air!  TV always gets to decide what images to air, if they have them in the can.**

(** "In the can".  A very old media term from the pre-80s days when 16mm news film was stored in round metal containers called 'cans'.  Today, it means images captured on videotape and therefore recorded.)

Feb 21, 2011

Heard THIS before? Michigan to close half of Detroit's Schools!

Lansing— Swift and severe changes are coming to Detroit Public Schools.
State education officials have ordered Robert Bobb to immediately implement a financial restructuring plan that balances the district's books by closing half of its schools, swelling high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidating operations.

This week, Bobb, the district's emergency financial manager, said he is meeting with Detroit city officials and will set up a meeting with Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency to discuss consolidation opportunities in areas such as finance, public safety, transportation and other areas.

Told ya.  This is only the beginning!

Whoever AMERICCORP is, it's not as important as the Department of Defense!

Sign the Petition
First, they went nuclear on PBS and NPR. Now, they have voted to totally shut down AmeriCorps -- the groundbreaking national service program that has transformed the lives of millions of Americans.  

In the dead of night on Saturday, a Tea Party-driven group of House members voted to kill AmeriCorps, completely eliminating all funding. With a potential government shutdown looming on March 4th, the fate of 85,000 AmeriCorp community organizers, teachers, and tutors will now be decided by the U.S. Senate.

Here is the heart of the matter: AmeriCorps volunteers help and protect our country's most vulnerable. Every day, AmeriCorps organizers work in many of the poorest communities in America, lessening the pain of those suffering in this brutal economy. As their work rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina exemplifies, these organizers are the backbone of our country’s service community -- a Peace Corps for our own country.

After hearing the shocking news, former AmeriCorps volunteer Caleb Jonas decided he had to do something. From a coffee shop in Massachusetts, Caleb logged in to Change.org from his laptop and created a petition asking Congress to "Save AmeriCorps." Caleb’s inspiring action has already been signed by 17,266 Americans -- without significant promotion from any major organization. Until now.

Click here now to quickly sign your name to Caleb’s "Save AmeriCorps" petition to the Senate. Your signature will help Caleb reach his personal goal of 85,000 signatures -- one signature for every AmeriCorps member currently serving their country. DEADLINE: Thursday, 5 p.m.

Why does Caleb care so much about AmeriCorps? Because he spent a year improving the quality of tutoring programs for low-income kids in Minnesota -- and witnessed AmeriCorps members build houses for Habitat for Humanity, help political refugees start new lives, improve reading test scores for elementary school students, and help disadvantaged high school students get into college.

As Caleb told us over the phone, it breaks his heart that this vital national service program could be shut down at a time when people in the most marginalized communities in America need it the most. That’s why Caleb was inspired to start his "Save AmeriCorps" petition from a coffee shop -- and why AmeriCorps supporters are sharing it on Facebook and forwarding messages like this to their friends around the country.

With AmeriCorps on the chopping block, it’s time for us to stand up for Caleb and thousands of other volunteers who have committed years of their lives to community service. Will you click here now to sign your name and tell the Senate not to kill AmeriCorps?


Thank you for joining Caleb and Change.org members across our country fighting to save AmeriCorps before it’s too late.

-- Patrick and the Change.org team

This email was sent by Change.org to radiomankc@gmail.com.
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Feb 20, 2011

Good Grief! This is Mummmmmar Gaddafi!

Kansas Citians protest on the Country Club Plaza.  And local photojournalist Eric Bowers has a nice photo series on it you would enjoy.

What an evil lookin' bird!  Do ya think his son will convince anyone to leave the family in charge of Libya?  I think NOT!    Like a scene from the canceled  "Sarah Palin's Alaska!"  Call the Marines to finish the job in Tripoli!  Jeez!!!!  It's US who need the WMD's!  These people just have bad genes!

China tries to stamp out 'Jasmine Revolution'

BEIJING – Jittery Chinese authorities wary of any domestic dissent staged a concerted show of force Sunday to squelch a mysterious online call for a "Jasmine Revolution" apparently modeled after pro-democracy demonstrations sweeping the Middle East.

Authorities detained activists, increased the number of police on the streets, disconnected some mobile phone text messaging services and censored Internet postings about the call to stage protests at 2 p.m. in Beijing, Shanghai and 11 other major cities.

The campaign did not gain much traction among ordinary citizens and the chances of overthrowing the Communist government are slim, considering Beijing's tight controls over the media and Internet. A student-led, pro-democracy movement in 1989 was crushed by the military and hundreds, perhaps thousands, were killed.

On Sunday, police took at least three people away in Beijing, one of whom tried to lay down white jasmine flowers while hundreds of people milled about the protest gathering spot, outside a McDonald's on the capital's busiest shopping street. In Shanghai, police led away three people near the planned protest spot after they scuffled in an apparent bid to grab the attention of passers-by.

No news is Good News in China's News outlets.  On Radioman's NEWSPAGE, we have foreign press, and Chinas just to show you what pro government news looks like.

We call this one China's HAPPY NEWS!  Kinda like watching Faux when the Bushies were running the country into the ground.

Feb 18, 2011

Were you stuck for life with a stupid first name?

Some local TV anchorette's fixing to marry a guy named Cody. Got me thinking... which as you know is both rare and dangerous.   I didn't think anyone named "Cody" would actually EVER be old enough to get married.

"Cody" is another name that's just fine for little kids who will be going to school next year... but I can't imagine growing up and being an adult wanting to walk around the planet with a little kid's name all his life.

Why don't parents try to imagine for a moment what chance their darling will have to become a CEO with such a stupid name? At least make his Middle name respectable so he can call himself C. Ralph Rottweiler, CEO.

Reminds me of a song called "Boy Named Sue".  By Johnny Cash.  Who the hell would name their kid "Johnny"? A guy with such a name is almost guaranteed to turn out gay.

Should we be sympathetic to the Wisconsin govt employees?

I've never liked unions.  My news reporter experience years ago gave me a bad taste and I found them exactly the Teamster-like, Jimmy Hoffa  stereotype.  In your face, strong-arm, extortionists who will say "pay us what we want or we'll shut down your business and beat the shit out of scabs who don't go along with us!"  Like Chicago-style pizza, it's just way too spicy for most of us.

EVEN SO.  Until yesterday, I was sympathetic to their cause against the union busting Wisconsin governor, who did what Reagan did in 1981 when breaking PATCO... the air traffic controllers.  I knew THEM very well too for I covered their strike and subsequent FAA lockout.   The highly-educated ATC people who safely landed us at airports didn't act like asshole, punk truck drivers or aircraft machinists.  You might remember, Reagan brought in the Air Force tower people to lock out Patco and the ATC people didn't come back with billyclubs.  But still, they were out of work forever, thanks RR.

But I forgot about all that.  After watching ED on MSNBC last night, doing an unabashed cheer-leading for the teachers, firefighters, et al, I was cheering for the government workers and their union contracts.  Said more than a few, "how can we pay our bills without our (fully paid) benefits?.  So patriotic.  Hell, I'm wavin the flag!    Yaaay 'middle class' workers against the evil Governor.   The trouble is, their deal's not the same as MY deal!

There was another MSNBC report this morning.   I do understand that union wages do set the ideal for wages in the US.  More or less.  In my case, it was mostly less.  I've never had benefits as generous as government employees!  What a sweetheart deal THEY got!  Job security, full retirement and health care for life.  Me?  It was always employment at WILL and every year, I had to pay more for my health insurance.  Not even matching contributions for retirement usually.

Money Quote.  This morning's comparative story about public versus private wages reminded me that GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES have much better benefits than most of us private-enterprise TAXPAYERS do.  We generally paid most of our family health care insurance, not our companies.  Maybe Zerox and AT&T and Ford pay well because they've been extorted by their unions.  But most of us aren't union people.  85 percent of us don't get those generous benefits!!

Yet we pay THEIR benefits inside the price of our cars, phone services, and our taxes.  What's so fair about that?  Why should we worry about THEM, who have a better deal than WE do?

Maybe unions need to realize they have to let the marketplace dictate the benefits--like WE do!  Which is why the Japanese have overtaken the auto industry.  Maybe the unions have priced their employees out of the marketplace.  Should Government workers get more MONEY than the taxpayers who pay their salaries and benefits?

I'm not sure I can support unions who have a better deal that I've traditionally had.  Jeez, that sounds so capitalist!  Just sayin.  Agree?

Feb 17, 2011

MSNBC and Wichita: Pro Life people are Terrorists there

Dunno if you catch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC but she's interviewed some female doctor wanting to set up an abortion clinic in Wichita now more than a year after Dr George Tiller was murdered down there by a Right to Life nutcase.

Suddenly they're protesting the doctor's HOUSE in a small town burb near doodah.  Why the hell aren't these people being arrested and charged with terrorism?  Where does free speech end and terrorism begin?

And the Republican nutcases on the national scene.  Holy jeez.  I'm for drastically slowing our spending, cutting back.  But they DO know, don't they, that government spending goes into US JOBS.  So for every budget cut, that's people out of work, not buying stuff or eating out.  I'm for ending jet engines not needed, backing off on our military presence everywhere.  Cutting back on agriculture subsidies big time, reducing foreign aid to tyrants (except maybe for the gate fee for the Suez Canal).   And cutting back on needless highway expenses, roads to nowhere, and most certainly, anything we can do to reduce our Medicare costs without cutting services.  That will mean reniging on our sweetheart deal with the pharma companies!

And we could use a little inflation.  Not too much...we on fixed income can't afford too much.  But it would reduce the debt.  And certainly nailing corporations to give them disincentives to invest overseas and why are we subsidizing big oil?   I'm for cutting some federal employees.  I'm for giving disincentives to state law enforcement so the'll be less inclined to jail citizens for every goddam thing.  Sentences are way too long.  Too many people in the slammer for too long.  Too expensive.

Sorry about funding the arts but we need to keep education funding fairly high, pay for career education but cut back on government employee retirement benefits.  And certainly roll back the tax cuts on the rich.  What a horrible waste!  We're screwing a lot of people with this current government policy.   And yup, sorry Tony.  Government should not be funding minority service organizations like Guadalupe except for meals type programs.   We can't afford to keep all these $100k administrators working!  Money's just not there.  Not at the expense of keeping the heat on, of food for the poorest.  Etc.   Put another way, we just can't be a jobs program for not for profit agencies.  I'm not so sure they really provide that much value added to the clients as they do for agency staff salaries!

I'm not sure we need to keep helping Corporations at the expense of regular birds just looking for food!