Jan 30, 2011

Radio Stations and Taco Bell: Don't bash people who advertise with us.

Posted on January 30, 2011 at 11:33:00 AM by Watcher
This week a national news story broke concerning the fact that Taco Bell is being sued because their "beef" has been discovered not to contain enough beef to meet federal guidelines. Apparently they are accused of adding meat mixtures, binders and fillers. 

In light of this, you might expect a radio station that is licensed to "SERVE THE PUBLIC INTEREST" to include this story in routine news coverage. The same way they would be expected to announce auto recalls in the interest of public safety.

So take a look at the memo sent around Squibb last week from the cluster Censor in chief.

Subject: Taco Bell,
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 18:27:08 +0000
I’ve been asked by Dave Alpert to ask a favor of you all.

“Please no bashing Taco Bell.”

There are some news stories out there about class action lawsuits going on. They are a client and they spend a large amount of money with us and they are hypersensitive to any criticism at the moment. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

Wes Poe
Program Director/On-Air

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Should we expect no coverage on auto safety recalls because it will piss off the Toyota dealer?

Mr. Alpert, you really should be ashamed of yourself. 

From the radio room: Anyone Surprised at this from corporate media America?

Jan 29, 2011

Brits cover the US better than US Papers: Look at the SNOW MAP!

Brace for more snow': Groundhog Day Storm to affect 100 million people next week
By Daily Mail Reporter

  • Weather experts predicts a massive winter storm to hit on February 2
  • The severe conditions will affect the South, Midwest and Northeast
A massive winter storm forecast for February 2 is set to affect more than 100 million people, weather experts have predicted.  The Groundhog Day snowstorm is expected to hit the South, Midwest and Northeast of the country, building from early next week.
The storm is likely to severely impact ground travel, cancellation of flights and school closures according to AccuWeather.
Groundhog Day Storm: Weather experts have predicted a severe snow storm will affect 100 million people leading up to and on February 2

Meteorologist Heather Buchman said: 'This is the type of storm that could shut down the region with high winds, plunging temperatures, ice, snow and a rapid freeze-up on roads'.

One grateful commenter noted that the British newspapers have coverage US papers don't.  This bird's noticed that too on many occasions.   See overseas press on RMANS NewsWars web page.

Stupid people: Heads ripped off of two Ancient Mummies in Egypt

CAIRO – Would-be looters broke into Cairo's famed Egyptian Museum, ripping the heads off two mummies and damaging about 10 small artifacts before being caught and detained by army soldiers, Egypt's antiquities chief said Saturday.

Zahi Hawass said the vandals did not manage to steal any of the museum's antiquities, and that the prized collection was now safe and under military guard.

Hawass said now that the Egyptian Museum's collection is secure from thieves, the greatest threat to the collection inside is posed by the torched ruling party headquarters building next door.

"What scares me is that if this building is destroyed, it will fall over the museum," Hawass said as he watched fire trucks spray water on the still smoldering NDP headquarters.

The museum, which is home to the gold mask of King Tutankhamun that draws millions of tourists a year, also houses thousands of artifacts spanning the full sweep of Egypt's rich pharaonic history.

"It is the great repository of Egyptian art. It is the treasure chest, the finest sculptures and treasures from literally 4,000 years of history," said Thomas Campbell, the director of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art by telephone. "If it is damaged through looting or fire, it would be a loss to all humankind."

Before the army arrived, young Egyptians — some armed with truncheons grabbed off the police — created a human chain at the museum's front gate to prevent looters from making off with any of its priceless artifacts.

Some humans just don't know where they fit in the scheme of things!

Political FUN and lots More...

So much great stuff out there to see, even for those of us who get a little too wound up in our politics.  Like Huffington Post's Comedy link... Jon Stewart's Comedy Central, and well... I'll spam you.  

Check out my comprehensive BEST OF THE WEB FUN page. (Including 50 great Youtube links, and all the Celeb News sites worth reading.)   And also a page formatted for IPHONE MOBILE.

All birds need a good laugh even in the face of more snow!

Recession Smishession! It's a conspiracy!

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal showed that most of the people who lost jobs in this most recent recession found new ones at lower pay. Over a third of these people had to take pay cuts of at least 20 percent. Pay cuts. We haven't experienced real, sustained pay cuts across a large swath of Americans since the 1930s.

But this isn't just a tragedy; it is in fact a conspiracy. The people in charge aren't just failing to prevent this from happening. They want it to happen. You see, pay cuts for workers mean that prices as a whole in the economy don't rise. There's less inflation, which means that banks and creditors make more money.

What do I mean by a conspiracy? Well, you can read all about it. It's right in the transcripts of the December 2005 Federal Open Market Committee, which is the committee of central bankers that run America (more on that below). In that meeting, Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher is complaining about the enormous quantity of Chinese goods flowing into America. He points out that this is creating 'disinflation', i.e. lowering prices and wages for Americans.

Only, he isn't complaining that there are too many Chinese imports, he is frustrated there aren't enough imports. Even though China has built special export-only ports to ship goods out of China, he says, the ports at "Long Beach and Northwest" can't absorb what China wants to sell us, because of work rules (i.e. unions). This is a huge problem, Fisher continues, because it is blocking his CEO contacts from outsourcing as much work abroad as quickly as possible. They cannot "exploit China" fast enough.

Chinese Container ship at San Francisco
You won't be surprised to hear that shipping American jobs overseas isn't a new strategy. It's been going on in earnest since the 1970s -- crushing inflation by crushing our wages.

Want more on this class on ECON 2011?  Read Dylan Ratigan's Newsvine


Jan 28, 2011

Muslim Cleric caught sneaking over the US Mexican Border!!!

U.S. border guards got a surprise when they searched a Mexican BMW and found a hardline Muslim cleric - banned from France and Canada - curled up in the boot.(trunk)

Asylum: Jaziri had allegedly paid a Tijuana-based smuggling group $5,000 to get him across the border near Tecate, saying he wanted to be taken to a 'safe place anywhere in the U.S.'
Said Jaziri, who called for the death of a Danish cartoonist that drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed, was being smuggled into California when he was arrested, along with his driver Kenneth Robert Lawler.

The 43-year-old was deported from Canada to his homeland Tunisia in 2007 after it emerged he had lied on his refugee application about having served jail time in France.

Caught: Jaziri was arrested being smuggled across the San Diego border crossing, along with his driver Kenneth Robert Lawler
San Diego Border
Caught: Jaziri was arrested being smuggled across the San Diego border crossing, along with his driver Kenneth Robert Lawler.
But after his deportation he complained that he had been physically and mentally tortured during the 13-hour flight repatriating him to Tunisia, a claim Canadian authorities deny.

He was being held as a material witness in the criminal case against Mr Lawler, who has been charged with immigrant smuggling.

Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard sparked controversy when his drawings of Mohammed appeared in a newspaper in 2006
Jaziri had allegedly paid a Tijuana-based smuggling cartel $5,000 to take him across the border near Tecate, saying he wanted to be taken to a 'safe place anywhere in the U.S.'

According to the court documents, a Mexican guide led Jaziri and a Mexican immigrant over the border fence near Tecate.

They then trekked across the rugged terrain under cover of darkness to a spot popular for drivers who pick up immigrants for smuggling runs into San Diego.

I don't think people who want a porous border between the US and Mexico are going to like this story much.

Jan 26, 2011

Obama looks to FUTURE, Republicans standing there holding their ..... uh

As we listened last night after Oman's positive plan, we see that the Republicans, the Tea partiers, and the Glen Beck types didn't LISTEN.  Still repeating the fall election's gloom and doom.

 Let's get to work.  Doing NOTHING, like the Party of NO, won't move us forward.

And those hoping to capitalize on the unhappy Tea Partiers?  Oh PLEEZE!   They appeal to the DUMBEST, most EASILY LED, disillusioned  SHEEP among us,   The UNHAPPY with no ideas, just dissatisfaction!

  LEADERSHIP:  We need more education, more innovation more work for our People.  Once again, we need to wake up and COMPETE!    Not sit back and count our current-quarter money, but COMPETE!

Yup, like Obama said, we worked during the SPUTNIK times when the Russians scared us and  smoked us.  We were scared but we still decided TO COMPETE!   We raced them to the Moon and we DID IT!  Were you around then?

Republican response (by the GOP and then also rogue Tea Partier Michelle Bachman) weren't listening.  They want to go backwards, not forward.  Didn't you sense that?  Cut our debt, for sure. We all want that.   But do it SMARTLY, not stupidly.  Not blindly.  We have brains to DECIDE, not to just blindly cut that hurts people.  THINK as they talk, good friends, as you watch the news.  Tell the zealots if they go too far.  Cut WASTE, not our future!! 

We need LEADERS, not WHINERS!   Builders, not people wanting to tear down!  Republicans need to shut up and get to work, not whine because things aren't being done THEIR WAY!   We need to COMPETE!

Jan 25, 2011

Gov Jesse Ventura Suing TSA for groping his Private Sectors

Ventura Strikes Back with Lawsuit Against TSA

The Inside Story from Alex Jones About the Former Governor’s Humiliating Pat-Down Experiences that Included ‘Touching, Gripping & Rubbing of the Genitals’ at the Hands of TSA.

Much more, including VIDEO from the ex personality governor who says TSA's routinely violating handicapped people's rights... says America has turned into EAST GERMANY!

I just don't let everyone hug and hold me, so let 'em have it, ace! 


I've always liked to provide detail to make people UNDERSTAND HOW AND WHY things are the way they are.  Sadly, today's news consumers--inundated with excessive data-- don't have time for that.

So my website has gone from 3 columns (plus a link column) to TWO.   And now ONE for a handheld iphone which my wife owns.   I've worked very hard to consolidate, redesign for a ONE COLUMN display.

I don't own an iphone or Blackberry, tho I have a StarTrek flip-top mobile phone.  ("Kirk to Enterprise".)   I love desktops and the detail I can read on a big screen. But today's busy young people only want to know the headlines, I've learned.

After working on it for days, see what you think of my progress, even tho Google BLOGS/WEB hasn't re-written its software for the mobile devices yet.  And yes, I'm trying to simplify it even for slow, bloated Microsoft Explorer!  I have two sets of sites...now a stripped down 1 column, and my detail pages.


Finally, a web world a busy bird can carry around and just pick up the highlights!

Jan 24, 2011

Latino Crimefest: Advocacy Journalism run amock

Listen to Reporter Int
(kcur) - Three months ago, a police raid on a popular club on the Westside sent reverberations through the community that are still being felt today. Many people in the neighborhood had concerns about Club Oasis, on Southwest Boulevard, because of frequent violence and shootings during Sunday night parties there. But some think the way the police raided the place may have caused even more problems. 

I listened to that entire interview and it was horrible. Not journalism for sure... a KCUR public affairs Sunday Morning kinda program interviewing a Pitch reporter (read article) who was conflicted, who spoke without attributions other than some vague "people say..."

The lead was that it had lasting changes, caused greater problems, and the raid wasn't handled well. Hmmm.

Yet police rounded up a bunch of illegals, outlaws and the floor apparently littered with guns and drugs. They'd been able to wild out in the open until the raid.

Now the 'Mexican culture' (the same one that's killed 30,000 people over drug wars) has disappeared from plain sight.

Raid caused "Problems"  What "problems?"  It's just a bitch bein' homesick for criminal life back home, huh?

That's a bad thing? Sounds to me like police and ICE were doing their jobs and the place needed to be fumigated because it had gotten infested and out of hand.

And this young reporter thinks that the TRUST that's gone is BAD? That the outlaws TRUSTED that police would ignore illegals and illegal activity. But no more?

Sorry, but if that's what the local Latin community wants in Kansas City, bring on the cops some more. Piss on that kind of  "TRUST".

Bring on the party buses...to take those 'first generation' dopers and packers and hoodlums back to where they can do whatever they want. To the Northern Mexico killing zone.

This ain't "Nuevo Juaquin Cuidad!" Bad reporter. Conflicted, pointless story...We were bait and switched.

The story isn't that cops badly handled a raid and lost community trust. Even SHE kinda sorta said some are unhappy and others are glad about a safer area. Gee. Que lastima!

I would have headlined it "KC Police clean up Mexican crime roadhouse. Citizens happy, criminals not so much."

So what do we want?  More crime in KC or less?  Can we really advocate in the media for BOTH?

Jan 22, 2011

GE's fingerprints all over REAGAN and now OBAMA. Vewy Stwange!

Obama Brings Good Things to Light at G.E.

“Jeff Immelt’s experience at G.E. and his understanding of the vital role the private sector plays in creating jobs and making America competitive makes him up to the challenge of leading this new council.”
-- Statement from President Obama announcing that G.E. CEO Jeff Immelt will lead the new President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

When Democrats said President Obama was “pro-business,” we didn’t know they meant one business in particular.

There are a few companies on the Obama corporate A List – Democratic patrons Google and Goldman Sachs both turn up again and again at White House functions and for special recognition – but no company seems to get the VIP treatment that General Electric receives.

Obama announces on a visit to a G.E. plant in Schenectady, N.Y. that G.E. CEO Jeffrey Immelt will lead his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. The panel replaces the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board led by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker.

Volker, who helped President Ronald Reagan whip inflation and launch two decades of growth, will be replaced by Immelt, who has often spoken of his desire to put G.E. on the inside track for government subsidies and incentives in the Obama era.

The most ironic thing is that the actor REAGAN, now darling of the conservatives USED to shill for General Electric when their slogan then was "Progress is our Most Important Product."  Conservatives are HARDLY progressive fifty years later!!  And Reagan would probably be a conservative democrat!

Video: One of my TV heros has suddenly left MSNBC. Keith Olbermann

I dunno what happened yet, though these stories usually manage to get told, but one of my broadcast heros, Keith Olbermann abruptly left MSNBC last night and gratefully was able to say goodbye.

Midmorning addendum  with lots of reader reaction from Deadline Hollywood.
And some solace from MoRage.

Sadly most companies have less honor than the people who must leave them, and they unceremoniously usher them out the back door with the trashbags... those remaining speak of them only in low tones as if their ex coworker had died.  Which isn't so, most people find better times at their next gig.  Hope Keith does too.

Jan 20, 2011

Republicans are RIGHT. Health Care reform IS a JOB KILLER!

And a lot of health care people, pharmaceutical salespeople, and insurance executives, and congressional lobbiests NEED to lose their jobs.  They provide no value added to our health and are costing us each hundreds of dollars a year.

Maybe if our health care wasn't so expensive, we'd be still making things here instead of farming them out to the Chinese who don't have this MEDICAL MONEY PIT to pay for!

Have you noticed how much cheaper VETERINARY drugs for US are than DRUG STORE drugs for people?  For the same drugs.  We all know that if something's marked MEDICAL, it's MARKED UP 500 percent!

Limbaugh mocks Chinese leader, manages to cram both fat feet in his mouth!

From Media matters... you'd enjoy his stupidity and the comments from the little club of readers over there.  And not one mention of JJ Rizzo and not a single homo reference either.  I tried to read TKC last night but there were so many tired plays on words about snow and nuclear war...I just coulnd't stand it.  (Just so you know, the clever, folksy anchors over on the Faux Four Morning show started it!)   Saw most bloggers couldn't leave it alone either.  Yawn.  Anyway some amazement and good laughs over at Media Matters.

Breaking News.  It Snowed.  Call the Mayor.  Interview Modot.  Count the plows.

Jan 19, 2011

Hey TONY... Ask Darla Jaye tonight...

Sorry, I"m not going to listen but I noticed Chris Matthews making fun of Sarah PALIN, after she likened herself to right wingnuts like Rush and Mark Levin and all the other talk show bombasts carried on kmbz.   Darla used to think Sarah was quite the cat's meow.  And that other local idiot blogger too... um, Dee.  Now that Sarah's got a 49 percent NEGATIVE polling rating... pretty much turned herself into a joke bigger than on SNL... What does Darla think of her NOW?  Pls to report back, Tony.  And thanks!

She's has indeed become more of a public fool than even Tina Fey portrayed her!


10 Most (and 10 Least) Tolerant States in America

Martin Luther King Jr. once wisely said, "Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity." So, how far have we come since King's time in conquering the hate in our society?

The Daily Beast put some metrics together to understand which states are the most and least tolerant in the U.S.
Here's how they did it:
For each state we considered the number of hate crimes according to the FBI, the extent of hate-crime statutes, the number of complaints of discrimination filed through the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, the extent of fair-housing and fair-workplace laws, the percentage of residents that support same-sex marriage, the extent of legal rights for same-sex couples, and the percentage of residents that are accepting of various religions. Each state was given a score out of 100 points. Ties were broken based on hate-crime statistics--if the total points matched, the state with fewer hate crimes in the last year ranked higher.
And now for the breakdown ... Wisconsin wins for being the most tolerant. It's religious tolerance was quite good, it's gay tolerance leaves room for improvement. Others in the top 10 were Maryland in second, then Illinois, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, California, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Hampshire and New Mexico.
And on the flip-side, the 10 least tolerant states are Alabama, finishing 40th in the nation, then it gets worse going to Kentucky, North Dakota, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas and then Wyoming finishes dead last.
This wasn't included on the list, but interestingly, the 10 most tolerant states all went Democratic in the 2008 election and the 10 least tolerant states are all red states, with the exception of Ohio.
But here's what the study did list: scores for tolerance, hate crimes, discrimination, gay rights, religious tolerance, hate crime incidents per 100,000 residents, population in support of same-sex marriage, and population that believes many religions lead to eternal life (sadly, no ranking for how many people don't think any religions lead to eternal life). A few more interesting high- and low-lights from the study: Massachusetts had the most number of people in support of same-sex marriage (62 percent) and Utah was the lowest (22 percent); New Jersey ranked as having the most hate crimes per 100,000 residents and Hawaii had the least; and Maryland has the least amount of discrimination cases filed per 100,000 residents while Wyoming had the most.
Clearly the information collected in the study doesn't tell us everything we need to know about the scope of the issue -- especially statistics of hate crimes and discrimination cases since those are only the reported instances and so many times discrimination and hate crimes fly beneath the radar. Still it's a good jumping off point to a much larger conversation about hate in our society. Another good place to look for information is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been vigilant at tracking and analysis of hateful activity and they've put together at Hate Map, which lists the hate groups operating in each state. Of course, the most-populated states like California and Texas, show up with the most groups -- but they also provide a list of that names the groups, where they're located and their "type" -- everything from racist skinhead to black separatist to anti-gay.
Really, it seems, what all this information shows is that we still have a long road in front of us. And while it's worth noting that measures of tolerance are a good starting point for examining our evolution as a society, it's still a pretty low bar. It's great to get beyond hate, that's for sure, but it would be better if we could move from mere tolerance of people who are different from us, to understanding and respect. That would be a world, I think, that would make King proud.
By Tara Lohan | Sourced from 358 


Kansas was always that way... even when it was a dry state and AG Vern Miller was busting planes and trains for serving liquor over/through the state.  I always fly AROUND it!

Billionaire Conservatives Without Heart

Angry Progressive Coalition to Protest Billionaire Gathering Hosted by Koch Brothers, Major Tea Party Funders

Progressives are planning a huge event to raise awareness about the Kochs and their billionaire cronies, and peacefully marching to give an alternative to their hard-right agenda.
January 16, 2011 

Increasingly, Democrats, liberals and progressives are coming to understand that the Koch brothers, a secretive right-wing billionaire family (from Wichita) that pours limitless money into virtually every destructive anti-democratic initiative affecting tens of millions of Americans, are "Public Enemy Number One."

More and more, leaders and activists are shifting tactics and confronting the Kochs face-to-face, challenging their efforts to steal the American Dream and drown out the voices of ordinary Americans by buying our democracy, and trying to take control of civic and economic life. The Kochs' goal appears to be nothing short of transforming America into a radical right-wing, corporate, third-world-like country, crushing social safety nets, and letting the destructive "free market" reign supreme.

Scrooge McDuck
The Koch brothers are bringing their super-wealthy friends to the California desert to a private gathering to strategize how they will dominate American political life, and bring a hardcore right-wing government to power in the U.S. In response, on Sunday, January 30, thousands of activists and concerned people are expected to travel to Rancho Mirage, a wealthy enclave adjacent to Palm Springs, to say no to the Koch brothers' plan. People will be educated about the Kochs and their cabal of rich friends, and peacefully march to offer an alternative to the greed and right-wing agenda that aims to roll back consumer protections, including the environment, health care, credit cards, banks and more.

"We can't sit back while a few billionaires destroy the fragile fabric of democracy and the protections that are so necessary for the health of our society," says Jodie Evans of CodePink, one of the organizations planning the protest. "It is time for the progressive community to gather together and say no more, and what better place than where the Koch brothers are plotting their next moves."

The Koch brothers protest signals a new stage among concerned Americans from many areas and organizations. An impressive tally of progressive leaders will speak at the gathering, including Van Jones, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and California Nurses Association co-president DeAnn McKewan. Marchers will come from a wide range of organizations including the California Nurses, Common Cause and the Courage Campaign.

The Kochs control the second largest private company in America and are among the richest men in the world. Along with their wealthy allies, they funded the Tea Party to use as a hammer to drive American politics further to the right. Through their various organizations, and often secretly, the Kochs have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into efforts to deny climate change, undermine financial reform, unleash unlimited corporate money in elections via the Citizens United decision, destroy unions, and make it far more expensive for students to get loans. And recently in California, Koch Industries pumped $1 million into elections last fall to try to roll back the state's global warming law with Prop 23.

They have been major underwriters of the Tea Party and its efforts to disrupt congressional town hall meetings to give the insurance companies control over our health care. The Koch brothers used their wealth to finance scurrilous attack ads -- and recruit others to do the same -- in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling that allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of secret money on politics. Their goal is to undermine our democracy so they can increase their profits and control and corrode our standard of living. - Alternet


How fun is it playing Monopoly when another player owns all the hotels?  HowEVER it feels, the game won't last long.

Jan 18, 2011

High Speed Chase at Midmorning. 9 kicked ass of course

Only retired guys like me would have seen it at mid-morning while most people are working, but NINE and Johnny Rowlands were awesome and predictably so at the moment!  They just never disappoint me, and I'm soo sad I never worked there cuz they are the awesome SHIT!   Go browse their coverage this morning!  Laytuh!

Channel 9 is number ONE in the ratings because they deserve it --year in, and year out -- and despite 5's phony promotion efforts, Kansas Citians are not fooled.  We recognize quality from 9, despite bullshit live and investigative commercials from 5.  And the other two?  Sigh!

Video: GM's Hydrogen car...impressive

Unveiled in 2002, GM had said it hoped to be in production by now.  Here's the prototype... hydrogen comes from seawater.  Emits water, not noxious fumes.   The mechanics are below, the cab lifts off.  If you can handle sitting on the hydrogen tank.

Here's the VIDEOLINK

Sell your oil company stock, or not so fast?  (Neither is the car)