Dec 8, 2011

The "KC 8" Occupiers in DC finally get themselves arrested on K Street

The "OCCUBUS" left early Sunday from KC to pick up a delegation of 31 KC occupiers to head for Washington.

Most of those who boarded the bus for the trip are among the 'usual suspects' of key activists who are seen at most all of Occupy Kansas City's various events.

By Monday aboard the cramped bus, they passed through St Louis to get 18 more passengers, then on through Ohio and then West Virginia, where they stopped to stretch their legs and breakfast.


Monday afternoon, they had arrived in DC to  to go to the mall but they were told to pitch tents at McPherson Square....where they attended that park's General Assembly meeting.


The KC delegation introduced itself and listened and watched the much larger encampment at 6 o'clock.  In fact, representatives from all over the country have arrived in DC to 'occupy' their congressional representatives this week.

Their first day, the Occupiers managed one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to visit the White House.  And posed for a picture.  This even as President Obama was preparing for a trip to Kansas City!  To Osawatomie to make a major speech.

Tuesday morning, the KC occupiers headed up the hill to the people's legislature...the US capitol which is the highest point in Washington.

The day was warmer than the KC people expected but while Kansas City was getting light snow, the nation's capital was experiencing rain.  Even so, the delegates from Kansas City walked briskly up the hill towards the capitol, anxious to get to the business at hand.  The offices they went to were in the Longworth Building, not the actual capitol.  This is where both Hartzler and Graves Missouri offices were located.

Only momentarily did they pause for a picture on their way to the federal congressional buildings where they had designs to 'occupy' the offices of Republican St Louis Rep Vicky Hartzler and Kansas City Rep Sam Graves.

The capitol complex is composed of the capitol itself and other large buildings filled with offices throughout.  Eventually, the delegation found their way and split up to the offices of Reps Hartzler and Graves.

Marci, Ian and Chad get a picture taken for Think Progress which covers the Occupy DC events by groups visiting from around the country..

They forgot to make an appointments.  Oh dread.

The occupiers from KC and St Louis filled Hartzler's office and learned the facts.  A staffer greeted them.  "She's not in", she has appointments and meetings and so had not prepared for them.  The occupiers decided to 'occupy' the office until she came back to see them.

Here', KC's photogenic Marci explains to the group as they sat in Hartzler's office how one percent of the population holds 30 percent of the nation's wealth. They did not stay long and were thrown out.


One new KC occupier, named David, was arrested  for refusing to leave Hartzler's office and details of that are not yet forthcoming but his release is expected.  The remaining Hartzler visitors had lunch and decided to go to join the Graves delegation in another office.


The second delegation of a dozen Kansas Citians went originally to the Sam Graves (R-KC) office.

Similarly, he too had a full schedule but the group remained at his office, hoping to visit with him.  They were joined by the Hartzler delegation who had been thrown out.

As they wrote letters to him, Graves showed up about 4pm, and the group told him it was his job to protect education and social security and health care but Melissa said the Republican really didn't say much, didn't seem moved much.  She said a few others got a MUCH warmer reception after visiting Rep Emanual Cleaver's (D-KC) office.  They met with him.

Tuesday the OKC group plans on Mic Checking with the other state groups where Speaker John Boehner speaks at a Christmas lighting ceremony as well as a VIP meeting at a restaurant.


Wednesday's plans included marching on Washington's K Street where the banksters and big corporations offices are located .

As the day grew on, they marched down K street and were met by police...who began arresting those willing to take a stand in the rain.

VIDEO:  Washington POST-


We love you, some chanted.  Others taunted them to come over to the occupiers side as  those planning to be arrested lay on the wet pavement.  Finally, Occupy KC got their turn to be arrested  and by tweet, notified Kansas Citians of what was apparently a badge of courage. Reuters picked up on the story and dubbed them "The Kansas City Eight" (photos of the mass arrests).
OccupyKC: Danni, Melissa, Jeremy, Chris, Marci, Shamus, Tamaryn, & Chad from #OccupyKC are being arrested on K St #99inDC
Laughing with glee on a video stream shot in a van, they appeared to show off their plastic wrist restraints for the camera.  One presumes with their jubilance, no one was hurt and being arrested in a big DC march wasn't so bad. Later they were released, they said with help from the Natnl Lawyers Guild.  They tweeted later more than half of those arrested were from cities other than Occupy DC.   The ODC occupiers paid their $50 fines.  They said one additional OKC occupier was arrested in a separate incident  at the Supreme Court Building and held overnight.  Adam was the only KC occupier to be at the court steps Wednesday night among the dozen arrested there.

Thursday, the group is kicking back, touring museums and the plan was to get on the bus for the return trip at about 8pm on Thursday night.  Because of the arrests and the wet conditions, all but three stayed at youth hostels for their final night in DC.  They said the tents were soaked.  The group is reported to be in good spirits and happy with the trip.

Now none of the issues about the 1 percent and 99 percent are news.  As the streaming video photos were posted back on Kansas City's facebook page, one commenter made that note and got a response.

Mitch Dibble I'm glad all those donations went to good use, like bussing people to another occupy site to tell the crooked politicians the same shit they already know, expecting that they'll somehow change their minds and actually start working for .... (sarcasm font)

Wendy Hippie Cardwell-Reed Thank YOU OKC for being the change you want to see...At the very least you are doing what most are not; something. Happy to see my donations being put toward forward progress finally. (grateful font)


President in Osawatomie

At 1pm Tuesday, President Obama began speaking to Osawatomie High school students and various dignitaries. More on Obama's major speech overshadowing other news...."We can't return to a 'You're on your own economy'" to save the middle class. 

Populist Obama in KS - Daily KOS 

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