Nov 14, 2011

OccupyKC: Ugly, money stolen allegedly for dope, drama, and a fix

The charges are ugly but given Occupy KC is such a new group where anonymity is common and startup organizing is not always ship shape... OKC is victim of a theft.  Theft of its website URL ( and even some money given in good faith donations.

Even as behind the scenes actions have been underway to recover the money, the movement moves on.

First, the charges of an internet account stolen by an individual who "owns" the account along with the URL.  TKC saw it on a website and went with it Monday morning, quoting an independent facebook page poster:

But it was indeed a stolen account by an individual who split with the dough and the URL too.  The rogue Occupykc. com site remains--even still asking for donations-- but individuals in the movement warned potential contributors NOT to donate there, even on the a rogue website now.

The ugliness came out at Sunday night's GA (General Assembly) at Liberty Memorial when Treasury member Melissa reported the bad news that money was absconded and used for drugs and personal use by a thief who apparently owned the account, legally.  

Since then, a new WEBSITE (www.OCCUPYKC.NET) has been established .

Melissa, who clearly has an accounting background, insists on multiple account signatories and a transparent set of NEW practices.  Her proposal passed unanimously by a Sunday night group very unhappy that a thief was amongst them for the beginning month.  Three people are in the current Treasury group which hopes for more members to keep tabs on the money.  Melissa, Ian (shown in the picture), and Tam, who was coincidentally shot!!! last weekend in a random crime near her home.

Melissa described the theft as a 'drama to say the least' and has consulted a lawyer to see what can be done about the theft of the money.  Meanwhile, the media group has replaced the hijacked occupykc .com with a new website, www.OCCUPYKC.NET.


MY view is that it's too bad some of the 99 percent let us down but it's a young group, hard lessons are learned, and good people rise to maturity.  This is just a distraction...for thievery has happened on a grand scale, in the (B)illions.  Ah human greed, large and small.

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