Oct 5, 2011

ST Louis Police roust OCCUPY Protestors at 4am, throw to sidewalk

At 4:15 Wednesday morning, Lt. Tim Sachs of the St. Louis police force approached the thirty plus Occupy STLers in their sleeping bags and told them that they had ten minutes to start packing up and leave Kiener Plaza or they would be issued summonses.  Within 6-8 minutes, at least 20 cop cars and 3 paddy wagons pulled up and 30 or more police officers piled out of them. The Occupy STLers were having a general assembly to discuss their options, but the police put an end to that, pouring into the the plaza and telling the occupiers to get their stuff on the sidewalk now.  More on the story from ShowMeProgress St Louis

Organizers on Wednesday said police would arrest anyone in the park by the Arch after 10pm and hoped for a large number to attempt a campout by outnumbering police.


Occupy KC protesters have remained at Liberty memorial, within sight of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.   It's located across the street from the Liberty Mall and parking is available nearby.   There was reportedly an arrest of a suspicious character at the encampment yesterday but otherwise the group of about sixty has been working to keep the park area clean.  One officer was present Wednesday evening to oversee parking and peace.  There have been a couple dozen campers over-nighting and then more wandering over after work to participate in discussions, music and otherwise act like 1960's hippies and modern day progressives.

There was talk at a 6:30 pm daily General Assembly meeting Tuesday of moving downtown but no decision was reached by the informal group.   Wednesday, the group addressed breakout discussions.

Aside from the rousted St Louis campers, and Kansas Citians, other Occupy protesters display signs in Joplin, Springfield and Columbia.


At a time when Missourians are out of work, wondering if they will soon join the ranks of the unemployed, or recovering from the natural disasters that have hit this state over the past few months, at least a dozen Republican legislators, dedicated to cutting every dollar possible from the state budget, spent thousands for a three-day vacation in New Orleans.  from The Turner Report


MISSING KC baby, a big deal

National media (MSNBC) has picked up on a missing baby from Kansas City's east side.  Police not saying much in a news conference Wednesday morning.   Missing is 10 month old, Lisa Irwin, taken 10/4/2011 from 3620 N. Lister, Kansas City, allegedly taken from her room.  Police are combing the child's house for clues. 


"Landmine Billy", a slightly conservative blog/facebook personality in town, and frequent KMBZ caller, will do Darla Jaye's show for a few days.  She's out recovering from a total hip replacement..  Show should be somewhat listenable this week!  Maybe she'll have a cranial replacement next and recover from her tea party way, frenetic ways.

Darla is no doubt in mourning...not over Steve Jobs death... but after learning that Sarah Palin showed a little brains by deciding not to run for president.  Darla thought Palin was just quite the cat's meow.


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