Oct 9, 2011

Photos: OccupyKC March from Liberty to Plaza...peaceful time had by all

Here's an excellent collection of photos of the march and speakers staged by the Occupy Kansas City group...several hundred people listened, walked, and carried signs.  Paul Coleman's collection which he uploaded:

 Out of several hundred walkers, only one reported confrontation of a man or two who got out on the street...it's unknown if they were let go after being detained.

One out of maybe 600?  Not so bad, eh?
 Facebook Community page         Official website
KC Photojournalist Artist Eric Bowers beautyshots of the march

 8 Star Photos.  More than a hundred Snapshots from Shanna Freedom..

KSHB 41's coverage 

Photos from blogger Hip Suburban White Guy 

More photos and story from blogger Show Me Progress on the KC day

From Michael Moore's site

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