Oct 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Stays; NY Mayor backs down on park 'cleaning'; Bishop charged in "fail to report" sex case

NEW YORK (AP) - The cleanup of a plaza in lower Manhattan where protesters have been camped out for a month was postponed early Friday, sending cheers up from a crowd that had feared the effort was merely a pretext to evict them.

Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said the owners of the private park, Brookfield Office Properties, had put off the cleaning. Supporters of the protesters had started streaming into the park in the morning darkness before the planned cleaning, forming a crowd of several hundred chanting people.

"I'll believe it when we're able to stay here," said protester Peter Hogness, 56, a union employee from Brooklyn. "One thing we have learned from this is that we need to rely on ourselves and not on promises from elected officials."

Updates: Some 14 arrests Friday when hundreds marchers went to Wall Street and walked in the street as opposed to staying on sidewalks.  

Denver police arrest 23 and tear down the Occupy Denver encampment on state capitol grounds overnight.  San Diego pack up 1 arrested;  40 arrested for refusing to pack up in Seattle.


Occupy KC plans a Saturday Oct 15th march from Liberty Memorial/IOU site to Troost Park.  3pm-5pm.  
Here's their official site:  www.occupykc.com

OccupyKC expects hundreds of individuals from the community to turn out and show their support for the global change movement that has been spreading around the globe. A variety of unique signs of expression will not disappoint.

Roger Lake from IBEW local 124 will speak before the march. Delmira Quarles will also be speaking about he importance of building a strong community. (News Release)


The story with the banks...how they've got us by the....
(from Alternet)

The Occupy KC are urging their supporters to move their accounts from bigger banks to smaller, customer-owned credit unions--coincidentally the point of this article.


 Now THIS is Peculiar (from Occupy KC's facebook page!)

Charge filed against KC Catholic Bishop Finn

 (KMBCTV)  Jackson County prosecutors filed misdemeanor charges against Bishop Robert Finn and the Kansas City diocese on Friday.

The charge is failing to report in connection with the case involving the Rev. Shawn Ratigan.According to the indictment, Finn and the diocese "had reasonable cause to suspect that a child may be subjected to abuse due to: previous knowledge of concerns regarding Father Ratigan and children; the discovery of hundreds of photographs of children on Father Ratigan's laptop."“Bishop Finn denies any criminal wrongdoing and has cooperated at all stages with law enforcement, the grand jury, the prosecutor’s office, and the Graves Commission. We will continue our efforts to resolve this matter,” said Gerald Handley, who is the counsel for Finn.

KC Bishop Finn

Finn released the following statement:"Today, the Jackson County Prosecutor issued these charges against me personally and against the Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph. For our part, we will meet these announcements with a steady resolve and a vigorous defense.   from KMBCTV


When you take a look at the actual effect of the three different parts of Cain's plan, they all act similarly to a flat payroll tax. And the three parts add up to 27 percent. This means that if you're an average worker who spends most of your paycheck each month (in other words, virtually all of us), you'll be paying 27 percent of your income in federal taxes under Cain's plan. This compares to a current federal tax burden of about 14 percent for an average family.

Bottom line: If you make, say, $50,000 a year, your current total federal tax burden is about $7,000. Under Herman Cain's plan, it would be about $13,000. Even if you tweak the numbers a bit to make up for different measurement methodologies, that's a big difference.
     --- from Mother Jones


Unusual meeting between US and Iran over terrorist act

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama said Thursday that officials at the "highest levels" of the Iranian government must be held accountable for a brazen and bizarre plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States on American soil, insisting leaders of the world will believe the U.S. case without dispute once they absorb the details.

U.S. officials, meanwhile, confirmed the Obama administration has had direct contact with Iran over the allegations. The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, met with Iranian officials at Iran's mission to the U.N. on Wednesday — a highly unusual contact for two countries that do not have diplomatic relations.

Obama would not say whether Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, or its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, knew of the alleged plan. Yet he called it part of a pattern of "dangerous and reckless behavior" by the Iranian government and said people within that government were aware of a murder-for-hire plot.

The U.S. considers it an attempted act of terrorism.


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