Oct 22, 2011

Occupy KC sunny Sunday all day event; Lawrence tickets their occupiers

A purr-fect Sunday with 70 degrees for an allday Education Event at Liberty Memorial.

Occupy KC will host a 7-hour forum at the main Occupy site in the park just south of Liberty Memorial on Sunday, October 23. We will start at 12:Noon  and go until 7pm. There will be guest lecturers that include professors, business professionals, subject matter experts and—of course—KC Occupiers.

We will show films that highlight and illustrate the problems we face in this challenging time of high unemployment, low class mobility and
oppression of the 99% at the hands of the wealthy few. We will also hold  several work-groups throughout the day so that we don’t just talk about our problems, we actually get together and brainstorm ideas to solve those problems.

This is a major event that will serve to educate and inform the public about our causes and concerns.  We want a very high turnout. Please come. Bring your family. Bring your friends. But also, bring your ideas, your concerns and your passion to empower the 99%.

This is a family-friendly event which means no drugs, no alcohol and (as best as we can help it) family-friendly language. The group Howjido will perform a Family sing-along at 4pm. There will be childcare provided throughout the day.

Best of all, all events, all lectures, all films, and all childcare are absolutely free.

Here are the hour by hour details of whats up

 Kansas City police remain tolerant but watchful

KC Police have assigned a team of officers to gently watch over and be available to the campers at Liberty Memorial.  Friday evening, they stopped to visit with some of the curious campers to say their role is not to intrude or arrest anyone for curfew or tent violations.  Occupiers are continuing to work with the city after gaining a reprieve from the Mayor's office to remain with tents to protect them on nights of freezing weather.  The officers were diplomatic and supportive of the peaceful protesters.

Friday and Saturday campers were keeping the park tidy and visiting in small groups.  Saturday, a group went to 43rd and Troost to help with a mid morning  neighborhood cleanup.

Saturday night, some of the occupiers have organized what they're calling a Slumber Party for overnight when the weather is expected to be tame, with an overnight low around 50.  Campers are invited to bring themselves and tents for a campout and talk ahead of Sunday's Education Event.  


Lawrence City not so Tolerant

At least eight members of the protest group Occupy Lawrence were ticketed early Saturday morning for remaining in South Park after hours.

Lawrence Police Department officers arrived at South Park at around 2 a.m., where members of the group have been camping for the past week. The citations included a summons to appear in municipal court on Nov. 15.

It appeared that those who wished were given the option to leave the park before being cited. Several members of the group said they left to avoid penalties and then returned after police officers had gone.

A handful of onlookers in a separate part of the park watched as protesters received tickets.
Occupy Lawrence member Jessica Barron said officers targeted members of her group, but failed to ticket anyone who did not appear to be a member.

"Their justification for issuing those tickets is they have to universally apply the law. But they did not universally apply the law."

Protester Stephen Robinson said he was happy to stay and receive a citation, but he would not be willing to be arrested because he could not afford to lose his job.

Protesters remained in the park after police officers left.

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Things not so perfect at New York's Occupation...from Huffington Post
Events at Zuccotti Park, the epicenter of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Lower Manhattan, have become increasingly dramatic in recent days, as egos have clashed, visions competed, and the unity of the protesters has been questioned. 

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