Oct 28, 2011

Occupy KC: Police put camp on warning again about tents; threaten tickets and arrests

The Police came back again today (Thursday) to the occupy site around noon. The officers stated on the record that they would begin issuing tickets and removing tents. Arrest will be made if people do not comply and remove tents. They said this is the last warning. They could come back at any time and if we are not prepared then it will be a messy experience for everyone involved.

This is our 1st amendment right. We should not have to bend to the will of permits, fees, and intimidation. I encourage more people to come out and stay with us. The current occupiers that stay daily all agreed to stay and protect camp from being destroyed, even if that involves arrest or tickets.. Thank you all for your continued support and involvement in Occupy KC.
(Crane is one of the organizing activists at the site and wrote this on one of the site's facebook pages.)   Here is the Occupy KC community page.  

Mixed Messages 

Perhaps we're having a case of goodcop-badcop and some disagreement among the street officers.  This is the second time one officer has threatened or intimated ticketing and arrest and another officer has been more tolerant.  KSHB is reporting just one line in their latest story, "Police say rumors they will force the protesters to leave are false."

Someone slipped TKC a photo of a 99% sign in the window of city hall this morning...one of the more funny sights of the week.  See a variety of the comments on this on Tony's Kansas City
and then this one

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