Oct 15, 2011

Occupy KC folks march from 3-5pm to Troost park today (10-15)

Occupy KC plans a Saturday Oct 15th march from Liberty Memorial/IOU site to Troost Park. (30th-31st & Tracy) 3pm-5pm.  
Here's their official site:  www.occupykc.com

OccupyKC expects hundreds of individuals from the community to turn out and show their support for the global change movement that has been spreading around the globe. A variety of unique signs of expression will not disappoint.

Roger Lake from IBEW local 124 will speak before the march. Delmira Quarles will also be speaking about he importance of building a strong community. (News Release)

The march starts at the encampment site, which is the IOU/USA sculpture located across the street from the Liberty Memorial Mall in Penn Valley Park.


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