Oct 24, 2011

OCCUPY KC: I'm Disappointed In Tony and his jones about unions

KC's most popular blogger, Tony Botello claims to be supportive of the OCCUPY KC group which speaks for the 99 percent of ordinary folks against the 1 percent of millionaires and billionaires who are blatently bribing our government.

But Tony hates unions more than anything, no doubt in part because he's being sued by a former Firefighter union pres.  That's not OCCUPYKC's problem.  That's HIS.

My problem is that he's tried linking OCCUPY KC with takover unions which isn't really true at all.  At their big event yesterday, one out of work electrical worker cooked up gallons of chili.  That is hardly co-opting the movement.  I was there.  It was a sunny fun time about understanding racial advantages, making creative signs, understanding and working effectively with activists, and otherwise having a good Sunday afternoon with like-minded people.  No union people put their causes in anybody's face at all.

Tony needs to chill out, keep his anger to himself regarding unions he somehow has his nose out of joint about.  It was a fun time in the sun.  It would have probably been fun time for MORE folks had Tony not had his nose out of joint on this group.  I'm disappointed when he spoke of weekend activities, he so obviously ignored THIS one!

Cooking chili by an occupy enthusiast does not constitute being 'cooped' by the dreaded union movement that tends to support the middle class...in fact helped to DEFINE the middle class.  The classes were mostly about being an effective activist with creative sign making and understanding how things work in society.

Shame on you TEE.  There were both hispanic and blacks at the event, I know I was there.  Shame on people who apply stereotypes because that's all they wanted to see.

He was suprised KSHB ran a 'fair' story about the Sunday educational program near OccupyKC's Liberty Memorial encampment.  Why shouldn't they?  They don't have a 'jones' of preconceived notions about this movement.  If anything, a guy like Tony living in his mom's basement must surely part of the 99 percent!   :)  I hope he comes by and sees that while the movement is a bit counter-culture, it's not anything to be afraid of.

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