Oct 29, 2011

Occupy Group Gears up for big Sunday in the Park

Outreach is the theme of volunteer Occupy movement workers to build attendance on what might be one of the last good weather events of the fall season, the downtown Rally at Ilus Davis park-- a park one protestor says was 'designed' for civil discourse.    Illus Davis is sandwiched between the new federal courthouse and Kansas City's city hall.

The 2pm rally features speakers then more outreach...a march to the northeast area calling attention to racism in our community.

Activists are fanning out to hand out fliers (like the one below) to urge attendance.  Said one outreach worker on facebook, "
"Today we passed out 2,000 to 3,000 pieces of lit between myself and two other canvassers, 50% of it was by myself.  If you want to do the most effective work ever talking face-to-face with the community and bringing them out to our event tomorrow."
While Sunday isn't a great day to reach the downtown workers, it lets the Occupy movement sample this centrally located park occupying two square blocks on Oak, between 9th and 11th. Some occupiers with a more 'in their faces' attitude plan to overnight in the park.  The main encampment is just south of the Liberty Memorial Mall. 
At right, a scene of the occupiers makeshift 'kitchen;  Saturday night there was soup and burgers welcoming a contingent of veterans to the evening General Assembly which takes place at 6:30 each night.  
A "GA" meeting is planned for the Davis park rally Sunday evening.  Dress with a light jacket for a cool fall evening after a warm afternoon's march.

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