Oct 17, 2011

Occupiers saying police are showing some leniency at base camp

From the OccupyKC facebook page today:

Only a couple dozen people are braving the cold temperatures overnight at Penn Valley Park.  On Saturday, when some 300 people marched from Liberty Memorial to Troost Park, police blocked side streets as marchers stayed obediently on the sidewalks.  And officers cruised close by.

One Occupier said Lawrence's encampment uses tents but other cities found police much more interested in forbidding tents and overnight encampments, including St Louis, Denver, and Seattle.  Tents have been tolerated in New York City.

The activity week after next weekend will not be a march, but a rally downtown in a 2 square block park across from Kansas City's City Hall.   2pm Sunday, after NEXT.  The 30th.

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