Oct 12, 2011

Kansas reverses error of ways due to populist protest; more on OKC.

Huffington Post shows the nation once again how Kansas stupidly acts.  No wonder most people think Kansas is just a 1930s black and white movie!  Well it's not.  we have pink hair protests!

Topeka agrees to prosecute domestic abuse cases again!  

A monthlong dispute in Topeka, Kansas over who is financially responsible for handling domestic violence cases, which resulted in 18 suspects being released from jail, was resolved Wednesday when the local district attorney's office announced that it would resume prosecuting the cases.


Occupy Kansas City on live video

Occupy Kansas city, at the Penn Valley park overlooking the Liberty memorial mall, has begun video streaming their GA (General) daily meetings.  THey're slow, youthful and much like a fraternity meeting.  But they're the mechanism most occupy movements nationwide use to decide what to do, where to march and protest, and handle the housekeeping of camping out.  ALready, they're concerned about the coming of cold weather, as well as establishing a unified message.

Speaking of unified messages, KCUR wrote on the topic earlier today.  
KCUR: Mixed Messages from Occupy Kansas City.  Its a worthy read.


One issue is how to handle the change in modern protesting.... 
The Occupy facebook page.  Occupy Kansas City has a couple of them along with an official website, www.occupykc.com.    Another march is being planned for next Saturday, tentatively set for downtown's P&L district in the afternoon.  But that's subject to change at the whim of a 6:30pm nightly GA meeting.

.  I've been participating in the Facebook Page because I like to debate politics.  And OKC certainly is a political movement.  But KCUR's right, there's lots of differing views.  The question is, can libertarians, liberals, socialists, anarchists and peace&love groupies facebook together without people getting pissed off at each other.

Well it's a good cause, getting corporate money out of the government, but when you have everyone from graduates of poly sci schools to graduates of the college of hard knocks, you have a variety of opinions and expertise.  It's fun though, if you like the politics and aren't too rude.  They jump you if you are or put you on "ignore" if things get too personal.



Bellylanding at downtown airport late this afternoon...front gear collapsed, nobody hurt.


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