Oct 4, 2011

Competition for Mo SecState candidate Kander? ...and more

Tony's Kansas City blogs with confidence that KC politicos say Mike Sanders "is in" in a planned bid for Mo Secretary of State.  Fellow Democrat Jason Kander's already announced and that would pit 2 strong democrats west side against each other for next year's primary.   Sanders is Jackson County's executive.  Kander's a state rep from Kansas City.   More from TKC who's not always gentle with local politicos but he has an ear to the ground when it comes to pushing and shoving reputations. Blogger Tony Botello suggests Kander might bow out...but that sounds like a stretch.

KANDERDORSEMENTS.  Given that, it would appear Tony's been out suggesting that Kander's got a list of endorsements already on Tuesday.  Jeesh!  Check it.


Jobs for Kansas City.  Huzza!  Huzza!
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A tentative labor agreement between Ford and the United Auto Workers includes a $1.1 billion investment and an additional 1,600 jobs at the company's Claycomo plant, the Missouri Governor's Office says.


And MORE jobs...health care

Missouri’s 13 community and technical colleges have received a $20 million federal grant to train as many as 4,600 people for careers in health care.

Gov. Jay Nixon announced the MoHealthWINS (Missouri Health Workforce Innovation Networks) program Monday, saying the money would be aimed at training unemployed adults for jobs such as medical equipment maintenance, licensed practical nurse or pharmacy technician.

Nixon said in a release that the program is health care-based because that is a targeted industry by the Missouri Strategic Initiative for Economic Growth and is considered a source of immediate and long-term jobs.

And MORE jobs ...  soybeans

(New Madrid) A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday to celebrate the grand opening of Pioneer Hi-Bred's largest soybean production plant.

The new facility, located on 129 acres of land near Interstate 55, will begin operations in October as soybean harvest gets underway in the area.


Occupy COMO
Occupy Missouri...

Protesters continue the Occupy Wall Street sympathy encampments in KC, St Louis and smaller ones in Joplin, Springfield, and Columbia.

Several dozen have overnighted in KC near Liberty Memorial.  In an informal general assembly, they've discussed moving downtown but have not decided to do so.  The encampment is in its fifth day.  Some are spending the night, and others wander in for a while before going home.  The groups have facebook pages for communicating in Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia. 


Beating the Banksters

Many banks are inventing brand new fees to stick you with -- and raising the ones they dreamt up years ago. Fortunately, there are workarounds to avoid these gotchas.   ABC Has the list to save money... 


A new progressive blog appears in the Missouri Bloggerhood
http://www.progresswomen.com/    (Progress Women)  Check it!
"By women, For Women"

Contributors are:
State Rep. Stacey Newman – St. Louis, Missouri
Sarah Felts – Columbia, Missouri
Brianna Lennon – Columbia, Missouri
Sarah Martin – Columbia, Missouri


NJ Gov Chris Christie says nope, it ain't 'my time' to run for president.  So that done (forget 'bout the big guy now), is this:

Would anyone who has a brain like to run against Barack Obama??

Anyone, anyone?


Disappearing Students in Alabama

Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration.
Education officials say scores of immigrant families have withdrawn their children from classes or kept them home this week, afraid that sending the kids to school would draw attention from authorities.


 Boehner’s District Suffers From E. Coli Outbreak As House Republicans Try To Gut Food Safety

Despite yet another outbreak of food-borne illness — this time stemming from listeria infected cantaloupes — congressional Republicans are still trying to cut back on the nation’s food safety regulations. The tainted melons have caused 16 deaths so far, making this the deadliest outbreak in more than a decade, and it comes just a month after salmonella-tainted turkey forced food-giant Cargill into the third-largest food recall on record.

One in six Americans is sickened by food-borne illness each year, and more than 3,000 die. The annual cost to the country of food-borne illnesses is $152 billion, according to Georgetown University’s Produce Safety Project. However, the GOP has not only refused to fund the implementation of a landmark food safety law passed last year, but has said that the current rules on the books are too onerous, because the food industry “self-polices.” But as the current slew of recalls shows, that it clearly not the case.  More on the story


Seen on the 'nets:   Oh how I wish our Declaration of Independence was finalized in it's original form: "Life, Liberty and Property"...if it weren't for slavery, it would have stayed that way.

The Rise of Killer Drones That Can Think for Themselves
The U.S. military may be a decade or so away from deploying an army of pilotless drones capable of collaborating and killing without any human guidance. READ MORE

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