Oct 11, 2011

Boston Occupiers move to new park and get arrested overnight

 Police Arrest About 100 ‘Occupy Boston’ Protestors
One of the dozens of people arrested Tuesday morning.

(CBS Boston)  Boston Police say they arrested about 100 people after demonstrators left their base camp and occupied an area of the Rose Kennedy Greenway that was off-limits.

Part of the incident was recorded by protesters who put their video on YouTube.

Protesters were previously told they could gather without a permit, as long as they stayed within the confines of Dewey Square.

“This is a brand new area that the Greenway put a lot of resources into and they filled it up with all kinds of tables and tents and were making it a place to camp out. It’s not what it’s intent is,” Superintendent-in-chief Daniel Linskey told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“This is the first day the communication broke down between the protestors and the police,” Police Commissioner Ed Davis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“The people who we had been speaking to for ten days make it clear that there were a group of anarchists that were uncontrollable that had taken charge. So, when they decide they’re going to shut down large sections of the city or go into areas that we’ve said are off-limits, we have to deal with them accordingly.”

Philip Anderson of Occupy Boston told WBZ-TV that’s not what happened.

“If that were true why were over 100 people arrested by the Boston Police Department?” he asked.
“Boston police beat union workers, beat students, beat veterans holding the American flag. And we just find that an unacceptable response to a demonstration that we were holding.”

Anderson said the relationship with police started well but “apparently we crossed a line in the sand that Boston Police had put down and our relationship did change last night. Their response was deplorable. It was violent. People were injured. People were denied medication. Hundreds of people were arrested and our relationship has changed. We’re not really sure where it’s going to go.”

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Charlie Rose, PBS moderator of tonight's GOP Presidential debate, says, 'Indeed" questions will be asked about the Occupy protest movement.  The debate is on PBS at 7pm Central Time.

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