Oct 19, 2011

NO TENTS; Americans still unsure of Occupy Movement's goals

IT was discussed at General Assembly  Tonight WEDNESDAY that a KCPD officer stopped by and told them tents weren't allowed until or if they get a permit for them.  Some GA participants said they were taking their tents down after the meeting.   Reportedly, some of occupiers did not remove their tents as of the middle of the night.  This was the second freezing overnight of the season.

Occupy KC joins a hospital union rally in midtown Wednesday

Occupy KC joined a number of unions around kansas city in support of the SEIU (Service employees) in their contract dispute with Research Medical Center, now owned by hospital mega company HCA.  The 6pm rally was held outside the hospital at Prospect & Meyer and featured speakers from the health care and other unions.  About 100 people attended the hour long rally.



 The Occupy KC Movement has planned a downtown rally with speakers across from City Hall Sunday-after-next followed by a 4pm march and back to a Northeast KC destination. More speakers are then planned including a General Assembly meeting.    Visitors who do not camp are advised to park downtown and go directly to the rally point  at 10th and Oak.  Some 'occupiers' (campers) may be marching to Kansas City's Ilus Davis Park to meet those already waiting there.  Plans are not fully firmed up.  Ilus Davis is a 2 square block green space located in downtown Kansas City between City Hall and the Federal Courthouse.

Survey shows most Americans unsure still of the Occupy Movement.  

PRINCETON, NJ -- Less than half of Americans express an opinion about either the Occupy Wall Street movement's goals or the way it has conducted its protests. Those with an opinion are more likely to approve than disapprove.
Do you approve or disapprove of the goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement, or don’t you know enough to say? Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Occupy Wall Street movement protests are being conducted, or don’t you know enough to say? October 2011 results
The results are based on an Oct. 15-16 USA Today/Gallup poll. The Occupy Wall Street movement has attracted significant media attention for its nearly month-long protest of major U.S. financial institutions in New York, with similar demonstrations taking place in numerous other cities in the United States in recent weeks.  More on the survey including additional results from Gallup.



Jesus throws a fit with the merchants and moneychangers in the temple, telling them to get out.

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