Sep 28, 2011

Video: Wall Street Protest Presses on

The more support the Wall street occupiers get, the the longer they stay. That is important because they are educating the public, and fighting the corporate control so many of us are determined to break. We who must stay home for our families or other responsibilities need to make efforts as well if the middle class has any chance left. We are all in this together, Unions, Civil Rights, Environmentalists, and working poor.

      Because right now those occupiers are entering their 3rd week. Rain has not broken them, arrests have not. Lack of food is an concern. And most are becoming more determined. Not only do they need our support, they deserve it.

The best thing you can do is GO THERE. Anytime, day or night you can hop on a train and get to Zuccotti Park now renamed Liberty Square. Bring some food to share. Reports are NYPD Blocking large amounts of supplies, people need to bring backpacks full of rations. Share your story with a protester, or listen to theirs. Instead of whining on facebook go preach Philosophy in the crowd and see how many common dreams Americans have, you would be surprised.

     Any talent you have can be put to use at Liberty Square. Artists could go and paint the scene, musicians can sing to a ready audience, bloggers can interview almost anybody for a good story. You can participate in the general assembly, a refresher course in democracy that many Americans could use.
  If you are stuck at home make sure to follow the  Redneck Party on Facebook or Twitter. Pass the links and educate your social media network. Monitor this link for real time events!  If the situation changes send out the alert through your circle of influence. Spread word and educate America, because corporate media is not our friend right now.

     The Redneck party will be sending a care package, you can donate to it here. This is our first fundraiser an it is one we would like to see succeed. It is for the troops, the front line activists, and they deserve our support. If you can give 5 bucks, that's a meal  and another day of fighting for these activists!

     Without leaving the seat you are in right now, you can sign online petitions like this one to break up Goldman Sacks criminal enterprise. Look up more petitions online and tweet them!

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