Sep 2, 2011

Skipwaves...stuff heard around that you might have missed this week

NBC Today Show reporter fakes flood waters in a canoe floating in a foot of water!!!  (look who walked through Michelle Kosinski's live shot in his boots!!)
New nickname, Michelle Canoe-ski!


Eric Cantor: No Disaster Money For You (Without Massive Budget Cuts)!

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) rarely misses an opportunity to demand draconian spending cuts. And he wasn’t about to let two recent disasters — the East Coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene — go without finding a way to advance his extreme Tea Party agenda.
Republicans weren't all that hot about Cantor's remarks----


With President Obama capitulating to John Boehner on when he'd be permitted to deliver his jobs speech to Congress, The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky wonders whether the president will ever fight for policies he believes in.


Keith Olbermann rips Obama for caving on HIS EPA

Regs....Republicans are elated!


Minutes after his Sept. 8 address to Congress is set, Obama bashes both houses

Within minutes of agreeing with congressional leaders Wednesday night on an address to a joint session next week, President Obama flashed out an email to millions of supporters criticizing the chambers, their members and vowing to pressure them to enact his as yet unspecified job creation ideas.

"It's been a long time since Congress was focused on what the American peoplObama during his address to the American Legion 8-30-11e need them to be focused on," the Democrat charged in an email with the subject line: "Frustrated."


The usual crap in Mexico

MONTERREY, Mexico — Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared three days of mourning Friday following the arson of a casino by presumed drug traffickers that killed 52, calling those responsible "true terrorists."

Armed assailants burst into the casino Thursday afternoon, swearing and shouting for customers and employees to get out. But many of the terrified victims fled farther inside the building, where they died trapped amid the flames and thick smoke that soon billowed out of the building.

The Mexican government is offering a $2.4 million reward for information leading to the assailants who set fire to a casino in northern Mexico, killing 52 people.


Texas justices uphold 'pole tax' on strip clubs • The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that the state's "pole tax" — a $5-per-customer fee that strip clubs serving alcohol are required to pay the state — did not violate the clubs' free speech rights


Its hard to be President...

Fred Wilson Change is easy to promise but not always so easy to accomplish. President Nixon promised change too and said he was going to end LBJ's mess in Vietnam. It took resumption of the bombing and an invasion of Cambodia before he got it done. 

Many tend to forget that all troops except an embassy contingent had been gone from Vietnam for two years or so before the final collapse. We left Vietnam with an intact large ground capable military and a reasonably stable government in place.

Getting us out of the situation President Bush put us in in terms of foreign policy cannot be accomplished as easily perhaps as everyone thinks. Gitmo is still up and operational. Troops are still in Iraq and we have escalated in Afghanistan (with justification). Eight years of commitment cannot be reversed overnight.

President Nixon, even though he promised a change in policy and an immediate end to the war (the cry was home by Christmas 69) secretly wanted to win and was committed to maintaining stability there with his secret promise to provide air and naval power in the event the North broke the cease fire.

Then Watergate crippled and eventually killed his administration. Then President Jerry Ford literally sold the Vietnamese people down the river by denying air support Nixon had promised when it was needed most. When the north launched a conventional full scale attack south in conjunction with a major pincer invasion from Cambodia to cut the country in half, Ford did nothing except watch and 30 days later we were pushing helicopters off aircraft carriers to make room for refugees. Those same aircraft carriers and land based bombers could have crushed General Giap’s open full scan invasion.
The lesson here is being President is not nearly as easy as a lot of you keyboard jockeys think. And getting out of a military commitment is not all that easy sometimes. And of the meter has run for 8 years to pay for this and continues to run under this administration. Now the current President faces the time proven economic dilemma of choice between guns and butter or trying to convince the voters that you can in fact do both.3 hours ago · · 1 person

 Radioman KansaSitty
Have you ever noticed that parents who spend their days running radar on their kids were the wildest and most out of control when they were young?


From MO RAGE....

KCMO School Board Interim Superintendent

What was that all about, anyway? How is it that, two days ago, word came out that one seemingly very young (and white) Derek Richey was going to be the Interim Superintendent. Then, all of a sudden, yesterday it's announced that, no, no, Dr. R. Stephen Green, President and CEO of the Kauffman Scholars program is, after all. What the heck happened there? Anyone for bad and hasty communication? And I thought they also declared publicly that they wanted someone from inside the District that was on the previous superintendent's "team", so they had continuity. Where did that go? In the meantime, we still have that nagging question, too, about why Airick West stepped down and--most importantly--if he did anything illegal while in his position. Answers, please? Russ Ptacek?


Tough, earning so much money as a school Superintendent!

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- Some people give back to their community. Then there's Fresno County School Superintendent Larry Powell, who's really giving back. As in $800,000 - what would have been his compensation for the next three years.
Until his term expires in 2015, Powell will run 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students, all for less than a starting California teacher earns.   Why stockpile money?...


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