Sep 16, 2011

Airshow accident tonight in RENO NEV...scores in audience hit

horrible National Air Race air show accident at reno NV airport, a high performance WWII era P-51 crashes into an audience sitting in box seats... reports of 75 injured, many critically tonight.  Multiple fatalities, people lying all over a runway.  mass casualty situation.- msnbc
 More...3 dead 56 injured by one early evening count ... the pilot a 74 (fixed age) year old veteran racing pilot from Florida.
More yet.. by Saturday afternoon   9.
The death toll from the Reno, Nevada, air race plane crash has risen to nine people, Reno police said Saturday.   Seven people died on the tarmac, including the pilot, and two died in hospitals, police said.   More than 50 people were transported from the scene with injuries, officials said shortly after the crash Friday.  --CNN
 A stunt pilot died at Downtown Kansas City airport on Aug 20th while flying a high performance stunt plane.  That plane crashed into the grass a few hundred feet from the airport audience here.  There were no injuries other than the fatality of the pilot.  On that weekend, 2 others were killed in air show accidents elsewhere.
Reno's national racing show draws pilots from around the country and has been the scene of accidents in years past.
Reno's Reckless Air Tragedy...

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