Aug 5, 2011

Jerry Lewis fired from his it the end of that?

Update Laborday 2011, Telethon without Jerry

Jerry Lewis’ separation from the Muscular Dystrophy Association is not a laughing matter for some comedians.

Paul Rodriguez, Larry Miller, Tom Dreesen, Norm Crosby and others have joined in support of Lewis, the 85-year-old comedian who the MDA said is no longer its national chairman and will not appear on this year’s telethon. The Tucson, Ariz.-based association announced earlier this week that the organization was parting ways with him after 45 years.  And nobody's saying why.  Was he too 'important' (code for impossible to work with?)  Or just dated and didn't know when to quit?  Like Dick Clark's New Years Eve?

Robert Lloyd of the LA Times:

There may continue to be an MDA Labor Day Telethon without Jerry Lewis, though it will contract from 21 hours to six this year and possibly continue to shrivel away, like the vestigial appendix, to a memory of its former usefulness. But there is no Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon without him, and whatever difference that makes to the fate of "Jerry's Kids" — no longer Jerry's Kids, I suppose — or the number of dollars racked up on the tote board, that one very special tradition ends here. The charity may be no less worthy, but the television event is over. There is really no reason to watch it now.

In case you'd miss it....

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