Aug 1, 2011

Gas for $20 a gallon?

IF we were to take all the hidden costs confiscated by the federal government for oil... fighting wars in oil production countries, federal giveaways to oil companies.. hidden breaks for big oil and oil cleanup... .and put that directly onto the price at the pump... how much WOULD we be paying per gallon?

Twenty dollars a gallon?   Thirty?


So fine... we go to electric cars in a time when we can't manage to build any new nuclear power plants.  ANd "clean coal"?  What an oxy moron!    We need way more solar generation.  Clean, no footprint.   That won't happen if Republicans manage to gut the government.  They love dirty oil and coal because those energy makers bribe them constantly with campaign contributions.

We have the best energy Congress money can buy!   Vote them ALL OUT in 2012!

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