Jul 29, 2011

Watching Fox News put a happy face on the Republican Pig

Lets face it, a political party that hates the government can't be expected to run it.  And they have behaved badly.  First, the House Republicans have mishandled everything, including the little school girls elected by the Tea Partiers.

Now comes the Senate...with a chance to pass a bill liked by many republicans and democrats and the Republican Minority Leader, McConnell, won't even talk to the Majority Leader.   They've decided to fillibuster the weekend before the economy would crash from Congressional inaction...all to establish more gridlock.

The only thing entertaining about this is to watch Fox anchors squirm at the childishness being shown by the party they blatantly support.

I predict that the Republicans, despite kazillions of dollars to be spent on TV ads, will be takent o the woodshed in 2012 and stripped of anything close to a majority they hope for.  Morover, getting rid of that black guy in the White House is the LEAST of the GOP's problems!

After two wars, a near financial collapse 2 years ago and playing Russian Roulette with the world's economy NOW, it's plain.  They're just not fit to govern.  And talk radio can't hardly put a happy face on them without stuttering!

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