Jul 17, 2011

TSA remains under fire...Stories from the Airports

Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint

We hear a lot of complaints about security screeners groping airline passengers.
But now, a Colorado woman is accused of grabbed the left breast of the female TSA agent Thursday at a PHOENIX checkpoint. Police say 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae squeezed and twisted the agent's breast with both hands.


TSA Will Not Expand Private Screening Program
TSA Screening Program Will Not Expand The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) …

Jesse Ventura Suing TSA to Block Body Scans, Pat-Downs
Ventura Suing TSA Over Scans, Searches Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura sued the Department of …

Private Security May Replace TSA In Airports
Private Security May Replace TSA  Some of the largest airports in the US are weighing whether to …

Man, Aaron B. Tobey, Strips at Va. Airport Checkpoint in Protest
Man Strips at Va. Airport CheckpointPolice say a man stripped to his underwear at a Virginia …

Phoenix Lingerie Flier, Now Clothed, Stopped Again
PHX Flier, Now Clothed, Stopped Again  The video went viral when she went through security in her …

TSA Issues Alert on Insulated Beverage Containers
TSA: Alert on Insulated Containers  An administration official says the Homeland Security D…

Khloe Kardashian Likens Body Scan to Rape
Khloe Kardashian Slams TSA Body Scans  Jet-setter Khloe Kardashian was slammed Tuesday for comparing …

Senator Targets Body Scan Misuse
Senator Targets Body Scan Misuse  Many people are worried about privacy when it comes to those …

Man Wears Speedos for Sky Harbor Security
Man Wears Speedos for TSA at Sky HarborI  t seems like this may be a new trend -- having someone take …

Woman Who Bared All at Airport Posed for Playboy
Woman Who Bared All Has Playboy Past  The video went viral -- a Phoenix woman who passed through …


VIDEO: Lingerie-clad woman headed to PHX from Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY - Upset by her experience going through airport security a few weeks ago, a Phoenix woman decided to make a point.
Tammy Banovac did it by wearing next to nothing while going through security at the airport in Oklahoma City. She's wearing only a bra and underweat in plain view of everyone.
She said she felt like she was sexually assaulted during an earlier trip to the airport -- so Wednesday, she wore only this under her coat so agents could easily see she wasn't hiding anything.
Video was taken by another passenger and then posted on YouTube.


What do Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Casey Anthony have in common? If you say nothing, you are wrong. The correct response: Both are victims of a failing American criminal justice system where trials today become public entertainment.


America versus Everywhere else...

More than one million protesters flooded Syrian streets on Friday seeking an end to Assad’s regime as security forces killed at least 17 and wounded nearly 100.

In 1970 the Ohio National Guard shot 4 Kent State college student protestors dead.  The shit hit the fan.  Even CSN&Y sang a hit song called "(4 Dead in) Ohio."  That very outrage is the difference between all of them and us!

 Earlier this week, President Obama warned that he “cannot guarantee” that Social Security checks will go out on schedule on Aug. 3 if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling by Aug. 2. As a report from the Bipartisan Policy Center laid out, “the government likely would not have enough revenue to pay the full $23 billion payment to Social Security recipients due on Aug. 3″ were the debt ceiling not raised, because of the high amount of Social Security payments that are due that day.


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