Jul 29, 2011

Stick to your guns, Tea Partiers

You're nuts, we know it.  Run it up to the last minute with your ignorance and stubbornness.  Why?  I don't like cuts in services passed in the middle of the night because you're blackmailing the Congress.  Too many people will get hurt to save the rich.

So stick with it, Tea baggers.  AT the last minute, Congress will pass a clean, last minute debt ceiling bill when it's too late to put your paw prints all over it.   Then slither back into the dark and wait for 2012.  I expect most people who voted for you regret doing so.  Even if rich Koch Brothers brainwashed you with all their oil money commercials.

I'm for cutting the defense department first, and then lots of waste and then if the Republicans won't raise taxes on the rich, hopefully Obama's smart enough to let the cuts expire next year.

Yup, stay stubborn baggers...let Washington come to its senses and work around you!  2012's going to be a very bad year for Republicans... thanks to you tea partiers!  So go ahead and wear your funnny hats and JUST SAY NO!

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