Jul 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Scores...and so did Nancy Grace

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of First-Degree Murder--people are pissed!

Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, on Tuesday. However, she was found guilty of lying to investigators.

Casey Anthony was only found guilty on several counts of lying to the authorities.  Sentenced Next Day pretty much to time served.


Nancy Grace: "Somewhere Out There, The Devil Is Dancing Tonight"

"The defense team is inside a bar having a champagne toast, right now," a clearly distraught Nancy Grace said on Headline News this afternoon after the Casey Anthony trial verdict was read.


Ratings Witch.  The Court Wench drew enormous ratings the evening after the verdict was read  because people can't keep from watching this spectacle of a TV Personality.  More from Inside TV


Anthony Defense Team Slams Media: "Now You Have Learned A Lesson"

"Well, I hope that this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media assassination for three years. Bias, prejudice and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how to be.

I'm disgusted by some of the lawyers that have done this, and I can tell you that my colleagues from coast to coast and border to border have condemned this whole process of lawyers getting on television and talking about cases that they don't know a damn thing about. And don't have the experience to back up their words or the law to do it.

Now you learned a lesson, and we appreciate the jury and those of you that have been objective and professional. We like it. Others, we're going to be talking to again.

Thank you very much," Cheney Mason, one of Casey Anthony's defense attorneys said at a press conference after the verdict was announced.


Well wait a minute... ABC Reporting juror says "We cried...." they hated their not guilty verdict!!!!!!  Insufficient evidence to convict.  No one really knows how the 2 year old died.

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