Jun 8, 2011

Youth Privacy: Should parents spy on their children? Are kids people or inmates?

Catering to the fears of frantic parents has become big business. An anxious parent can now buy spy cameras to put in their children’s room, or GPS devices to put in their backpack or clothing to track their every move, or monitoring software to observe (and record) every single thing their kid does on their computer. Low tech parents still have the option of regularly searching through their kid’s possessions, or reading their diaries or removing the door from their bedroom.

IS it right?  What does it teach them about privacy?  Responsibility?  Do they carry the ideas from childhood where they have no rights into adulthood?

Youth Privacy blog is a service of the American Library Association celebrating Privacy  Check it for a new look on giving your kids a longer leash.  Or NOT.

This is just the latest issue added to Radioman's web page on Law and Rights.  Check it too! (The ACLU won't give you kooties!)

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