Jun 16, 2011

Wanna buy a fast killer partyboat to take to the Lake? See the ads for the Navy's LCS!

Can leap tall buildings in a single bound...it's a bird, a plane, no it's the Navy's new small and fast frigate.  Actually not.  It's an "LCS" which is a ship designed to work close into shore... with a draft of only 13 feet, has guns, anti-sub, anti-mine, and two nasty helicopters.

Here's the newest, the THIRD one... the "Fort Worth"....not quite finished,  but floating.  Check THIS spectacle!  370 foot, 50 mph bathtub toy!

Now then.  About buying one.   They Navy's ordered ten of these puppies, they're all a little different, some bigger, some smaller, some faster, some different features.  But the idea is to have fewer sailors in close combat out front in small ships.  LCS. ( Littoral Combat Ship. (Wikipedia))

You can see an ad for this LCS ship in Congress's most popular daily paper.... The Hill.  Yup, military providers advertise Congress as if they're just selling new cars.

"Delivering Results... the Lockheed martin LCS Team!  Want to read how manufacturer sells it?  Check its website for this ship. 

Another wild ship,  the LCS 2 is a pirate killer...which we looked at more than a year ago on this blog.

The Navy's had some cost overruns and now the new people (Lockheed) are building the Fort Worth... they run about half a billion or less... $300-500 million and the Navy wants about 50 of em.  (That's why the Advertisements in The Hill! 

Only a 13 foot draft.  you could damned near sail this guy on Grand Lake!  Crew of 170, give or take.  Room on the helicopter deck for a great dance and BBQ?  Visa or Mastercard!  Who knows, might be ready for Labor Day for you and a couple hundred of your close friends to party on.

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