Jun 25, 2011

Venzuela dictator Chavez said to be critical in Cuban hospital. Skipwaves 6/25

Hugo Chávez extended stay in a Cuban hospital is because he is in critical condition, according to a report in El Nuevo Herald.

The Venezuelan president, who was last seen in public June 9 and last heard from on June 12, on a phone call with Venezuelan state television, was said to have been treated for a pelvic abscess in Cuba.

During the call Chávez said that medical tests showed no sign of any "malignant" illness.

But according to the report in El Nuevo Herald, Chávez finds himself in "critical condition, not grave, but critical, in a complicated situation."

Chávez silence has led to chatter and speculation in Venezuela that the socialist leader is actually suffering from prostate cancer. Intelligence officials could not confirm a diagnosis of prostate cancer but Chávez family did go to Cuba in the last 72 hours, according to wire service EFE.

Chávez daughter Rosinés and his mother Marisabel Rodríguez "urgently" left the country and headed to Cuba in a Venezuelan air force plane.  Cuba's state media website, Cubadebate, released photos on June 17 that showed Chávez posing with Fidel and Raul Castro in his hospital room.


NO!  Says the government... from the Vancouver paper

CARACAS, June 26, 2011 (AFP) - The Venezuelan government rejected reports Sunday that President Hugo Chavez is in critical condition following emergency surgery in Cuba and insisted that the firebrand leader is "recovering well."  Chavez's government said he had an operation for a pelvic abscess on June 10 and continues to mend.

"He is recovering," Information Minister Andres Izarra told AFP in the wake of reports from Miami's El Nuevo Herald which cited unnamed U.S. intelligence sources as saying Chavez, 56, "is in critical condition — not on the brink of death, but critical indeed."  Read more...

New York legislators cleared the last hurdle to legalizing same-sex marriage with the approval of the state Senate. It was approved previously by the state Assembly. FULL STORY


Iowa Poll:  It's Mitt and Michelle!!!

Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann are leading a crowded field in the heavily-watched Des Moines Register poll out tonight, the first of the cycle and the one that is the starting gun for the race to the Ames Straw Poll.

According to the Associated Press, the Register poll shows Romney receiving 23 percent of support from likely GOP caucus-goers, while Bachmann gets 22 percent.

Herman Cain, the former pizza chain CEO, took third place, with 10 percent, while no one else broke double digits. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul tied at 7 percent, while Tim Pawlenty got 6 percent, just ahead of Rick Santorum, with 4 percent.


Texas Lawmakers AWOL For Vote On TSA Groping Bill

 It’s now apparent that the primary culprit behind the fact that lawmakers failed to show up for the vote was none other than Republican Speaker of the House Joe Straus, who labeled the bill “nothing more than an ill-advised publicity stunt,” despite the fact that it merely sought to reinforce language already present in the 4th amendment.

The Texas Tribune reports that Straus approached the bill’s primary sponsor Rep. David Simpson earlier this week and insisted that language pertaining to “private parts” be removed from the legislation altogether, which would have completely gutted the bill.

As Simpson has emphasized, this bill is far from symbolic, it’s specific in its remit to “expand the federal definition of “official oppression” to prohibit federal employees from improperly touching a person’ s private areas”.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who to his credit doesn’t appear to be acting as a roadblock for the bill  this time around, released a statement this afternoon saying that the Senate would try to pass the bill out of committee on Monday.   More on this from Alex Jones website


NATO really IS trying to take out Libya's Crazy Leader

The top U.S. admiral involved in the Libya war admitted to a U.S. congressman that NATO forces are trying to kill Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi. The same admiral also said he anticipated the need for ground troops in Libya after Qaddafi falls, according to the lawmaker.

House Armed Services Committee member Mike Turner (R-OH) told The Cable that U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the NATO Joint Operations Command in Naples, Italy, told him last month that NATO forces are actively targeting and trying to kill Qaddafi, despite the fact that the Obama administration continues to insist that "regime change" is not the goal and is not authorized by the U.N. mandate authorizing the war.


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