Jun 14, 2011

Send Jerry Agar back to America? NO WAY IN HELL!

    Veteran radio talk show host Jerry Agar left KC's KMBZ for WLS in Chicago and then was found tiresome there,  and returned to his native Canada to a midday talk show gig at CFRB-AM.  
     Agar was replaced by Mike Shanin and Scott Parks as the afternoon talkers on NewsTalk 980 KMBZ in Kansas City in 2006 when Agar went to WLS-Chicago.
    The Manitoba native is good friends with KMBZ evening talker Darla Jaye.

--RMAN asked then: Is he holding a VISA we can revoke?   There just has to be some rule that says Canadian Libertarians can't come down here and lecture US on how to run OUR own country.

NOW COMES Anonymous saying on Jun 14, 2011 11:08:00 AM ...

Do you guys want Agar the idiot back?? He Is annoying, an opinionated holier than thou egomaniac, who is never wrong, and needs to go. Please, or we will deport him. Yeah, he wore out his welcome here. (Toronto.)

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