Jun 17, 2011

REAL health care reform will scare the SHIT out of you! And more...skipwaves 6/17

 More physicians leaving private practices

 A survey by Accenture says more U.S. physicians are selling their private practices to work at larger healthcare systems.  By 2013, less than one-third of U.S. physicians are expected to stay in private practice and patients may find it harder to be treated by physicians in private, small practice offices.

"Health reform is challenging the entire system to deliver improved care through insight driven health," Kristin Ficery, a senior executive at Accenture Health, says in a statement.  Read more from UPI


Sounds like Obama-care's working a little to make health care more affordable.  We need a lot more to cut health care costs by about 25 percent! (unless you don't mind paying $1,000 a month for insurance!)   
  • Eliminate needless tests ordered by doctors to cover their asses or reduce their costs through market competition.  
  • Reduce gouging prices for home medical equipment through competition.   
  • Reduce hospital incentives to design competitive 5 star facilities at premium room rates by flat rate room reimbursements!  
  • Provide incentives for patients to shop for lower health care costs using copays and mandating the publication of prices and fees for equipment, supplies, tests, and procedures.
  • Reduce duplication of tests between facilities and doctors.  
  • Force non-emergency care to clinics instead of hospital ER's.   
  • Reduce/eliminate/cap excessive medical malpractice lawsuits. 
  • Get Medicare and Medicaid to competitively bid, like the VA.
  • Open competition for pharmaceutical sales to foreign countries!
  • Shorten the time before generics can go on sale for proprietary drugs.
  • Provide lower cost government single payer coverage as a choice in lieu of expensive insurance companies.
  • Surcharge coverage fees for smokers/obese/addicted individuals.  
  • Require health coverage for all individuals needing non-emergency treatment.  
  • Reduce end of life, last ditch but useless treatments through directives and incentives for hospice care.

Devon Rivers awakens after 2 year coma *
  • And yes... Make families pay part of the cost for their hopelessly ill/coma family members (young or old).... not just saddle the taxpayers with blank check lifetime care.  Put another way, if churches want to preserve life at all costs, let them PAY that custodial care instead of sticking the government for it!   Sounds very Republican, if not Christian, doesn't it?

Hard choices are ahead but you won't find politicians of EITHER party wanting to talk about the grim details!  Moreover, calling for the repeal of "Obamacare" doesn't go into those grim details about cutting little kids off of their lifegiving treatments!   Talk is cheap on TV!

* Devon Rivers story


The new protest:  To "GLITTER" a politician! 
A large protest gathered outside a San Francisco conference chanted 'Medicare for all!'

Gov. Tim Pawlenty was 'glittered' by two protesters while signing books inside. A pair of women dumped pink glitter and confetti on the governor demanding "where is your courage to stand? Stand for reproductive rights! Stand for gay rights!'"   Newt Gingrich was the first 2012 candidate struck by a glitter attack, about a month ago in Minneapolis.  Politico with more....


 One day economy's UP, next day it's DOWN.  Fewer Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week and builders broke ground on more homes in May. The latest data offered some hope that the economy may be improving after hitting a slump in late spring.


China and Russia CloserChinese President Hu Jintao arrived in Moscow on Wednesday for a state visit aimed at deepening pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia.

Hu said in a statement released upon his arrival at the airport that his visit intends to inject fresh impetus into the sustained, healthy and stable growth of the China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation.   More from People's Daily...


Copyright fight over Rebecca's "FRIDAY"

Legal dispute starts over copyright for Rebecca Black’s “Friday”
Enlarge picture
This didn’t take long: a legal dispute is brewing over the rights to the Internet phenomenon Rebecca Black and her “Friday” hit song. Black and her mother are saying Ark Music Factory, the company that produced the track, is in violation of copyright for promoting it online.

Black shot to international fame last month, with “Friday” becoming one of the biggest things on YouTube ever: it has over 81 million views right now.
Estimates indicate she’s already made money from it (about $1 million no less), even though she was not, at the time of the release, a recording artist and had no deal for an album just yet.

Softpedia:  More on the story, including the original video


As was expected, Al Qaeda has appointed Ayman al-Zawahiri to replace Osama bin Laden as its leader. The announcement came on an Al Qaeda-affiliated militant website. Al-Zawahiri, an Egyptian doctor who is believed to turn 60 this Sunday, is often described as the brains behind Al Qaeda. He is believed to be hiding along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.


Word around Parkville MO is that they're as ready as they can be for Missouri River floods...but the crests are in Iowa and the crest will come later than expected in Kansas City.  Maybe AFTER the weekend... and they're hoping it's lower than earlier predicted.   

This weekend's big annual JazzFest, normally held by the river is on higher ground this year... along 64th street at the new "Parkville Commons" by the Price Chopper, Friday and Saturday..


Latest international  bru-ha-ha, Defense Department's been buying counterfeit spare parts from..... CHINA!   Substandard stuff.  So what US manufacturers of imported goods are being penalized by being cut off?   DOD claims it'll fix it...but... if anybody's going to buy "MADE IN USA", it should be them, dontcha think?  Morons!
HEATH care reform?  But birds will pay ANYTHING to stay alive, won't we? 

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