Jun 9, 2011

Parkville Ready for the Flood of '11

The sandbags are nearly all in place to protect low lying areas of Parkville, a town that often floods when the Missouri River floods this time of year.  But heavy rains upstream and Corps of Engineers predictions brought out hundreds of volunteers to lay sandbags along parts of the downtown area.

Officials are not asking for more volunteers but finishing touches are being handled by city employees and a few others.

Thursday, midmorning
This year they're using plastic dikes, weighted with sandbags to hold them to protect businesses along the railroad tracks and the work is nearly finished since volunteers started Tuesday.
Sandbaggers take a break, waitin fer a train

Latest Parkville city hall link to the sandbagging - Volunteers Needed early Thurs.

The river is ominously high--bank to bank north of Kansas City as they wait for the weekend when flood stage is expected to reach the dikes.  Kansas City itself is well diked and not expected to flood.

Slightly downstream, Riverside's industrial park will see the test of the new dikes and permanent gates which will block highway 9 and the Missouri waters.

Upstream, Leavenworth volunteers are doing some sandbagging today.
KC Star:  Corps reports a partial breach in northern Missouri.

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Details/Inundation Maps from the Army Corps of Engineers. 

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