Jun 3, 2011

Joplin Tornado Victim: A Riverside Police Rescuer Hit by Lightning Dies.

The Riverside police officer who was struck by lightning on May 23 while helping with disaster relief in Joplin died on Friday.

Officer Jefferson Taylor was 31 years old.“Jeff Taylor volunteered to assist with the Joplin disaster recovery,” said Greg Mills, chief of police and director of public safety for the city of Riverside, Mo. “He was a highly dedicated officer and a devoted public servant, and we will always remember his sacrifice.”Taylor, part of a 12-member contingent from Riverside to respond to the tornado, is the first officer in the history of the Riverside Police Department to die in the line of duty, and the first emergency responder to die as a result of the Joplin tornado.

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Jeff was the father of two boys who will surely miss him, had been on the force since Nov 2005, and worked Riverside's night shift.

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