Jul 1, 2011

Phony KS Republican Abortion Regs are stopped in federal court!

A federal judge has temporarily blocked Kansas from enforcing new rules for its abortion providers.   U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia issued an order Friday after a hearing in a lawsuit against a new Kansas licensing law and regulations issued by the state health department. The law and regulations took effect Friday.  Murguia's order remains in effect until a trial in the lawsuit is settled.   Read the rest from Channel 9.

The state has taken considerable heat from progressive media for trying to regulate the three abortion clinics in Kansas out of business.

 Dr Traci Nauser, an abortion provider in Kansas City appeared with Dr. Herbert Hodes of Center for Women's Health on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Thursday night.  They too have filed a lawsuit against Kansas, saying the state is forcing them to comply with unnecessary architectural regulations specifically to shut them down--regulations that were sent to them in the eleventh hour.  Hodes and Nauser went to federal court Friday ... as Nauser put it, to keep Governor Sam Brownback out of women's uteruses.    They are of the view that the hastily announced regulations are unconstitutional.  They gained their injunction.

  Officials with KDHE had told Planned Parenthood Thursday they will get their license to continue abortions and they are expected to drop their federal lawsuit against the state for its new restrictive regulations.  More from KMBC./AP.

South Dakota anti abortion attempt put on ice as well

In a decisive victory for South Dakota women and families, a federal court today blocked a state law from going into effect that would have gone further than any in the country in restricting access to abortion and intruding on women's personal medical decisions. As written, the law would have required a woman who is seeking an abortion to wait at least 72 hours after first meeting with her doctor, the longest and most extreme mandatory delay in the country. In the interim, the woman would be required to seek "counseling" at a so-called "pregnancy help center" whose mandate is to dissuade her from her decision to seek an abortion. The law was to have taken effect July 1.  More from the ACLU, as found on Radioman KC's Law and Rights Page.


Speaking of moronic Kansas politicians... Kansas Senator Pat Roberts quipped that President Obama take a valium and come 'up' to the capitol to talk to them over the debt ceiling... an invitation the President of the United States isn't about to do.  More on the GOP ire for getting dressed down by Obama from USA TODAY.


Katie Horner confirmed...leaving Channel 5 after 17 years.  more on Radioman's Skipwaves


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