Jun 24, 2011

BORING disaster coverage Enough look-a-like feature stories on the river already! And other stuff too.

KMBC TV clearly wants to smoke its competitors with more flooding coverage than everyone put together...but it's starting to all look alike.  How many feature stories on the powerful river can you do?   Time to tell us whats happening to the evacuees, are they insured?  Where are they now?   Where is next to get high water?   How many people are really affected in Missouri?  Whats up with Minot where the REAL flooding is?  Or are they going to interview every single farmer flooded out and videotape the making and placing of every sandbag as the river crests ever more downstream?

All the same good questions TV people never tell you from Joplin.  Even now, the theme of most tornado stories is reporter amazement at what a tornado can do.  Time now to find out what JOPLIN is doing besides clearing the now familiar rubble.  Where are they all living?  Are the insurance companies paying off or screwing them over?   How do they eat?  What about power?  ARe they getting their cars replaced?  Are the hotels full or have many people cleared out?


 Corps Caught in the Middle

"There's long been tension between upstream and downsteam interests," said David Pope, executive director of the Missouri River Association of States and Tribes.

In most wet years, this tension is more muted with enough water to go around. But when the river floods, like in 2011, interests along the river want the excess water to go somewhere else.
More from the Sioux City Journal... 


Ron Paul, Barney Frank Push to Legalize Pot
Advocates hope the unusual alliance helps give the effort momentum at the federal level.

An unusual congressional alliance has emerged to champion an effort to allow states to legalize marijuana within their own borders.  Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has teamed up with Barney Frank, an outspoken liberal Democrat, to co-sponsor the bill, which would give states the right to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana much the same way they currently do with alcohol.  More from Slatest...



Depression Soup Line for jobless
Why the Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks
We now have more idle men and women than at any time since the Great Depression

The Great Recession has now earned the dubious right of being compared to the Great Depression. In the face of the most stimulative fiscal and monetary policies in our history, we have experienced the loss of over 7 million jobs, wiping out every job gained since the year 2000. From the moment the Obama administration came into office, there have been no net increases in full-time jobs, only in part-time jobs. This is contrary to all previous recessions. Employers are not recalling the workers they laid off from full-time employment.  More from US News....


Will Obamacare Destroy Private Insurance?

I haven't been blogging about the great McKinsey Obamacare study flap, but in a nutshell, McKinsey conducted a survey of employers and concluded that 30% of all companies would stop providing health coverage once Obamacare kicked in in 2014.

Koch Brothers....Yes keep YOUR hands off!
Conservatives immediately sounded the alarm, but McKinsey refused to explain their methodology or divulge anything about either the questions they asked or how they "educated" respondents before getting their answers.

Under considerable pressure, McKinsey finally released a brief summary of their methodology along with a weasely clarification that their report wasn't meant to be a prediction and had only said that 30% of companies "might" stop providing health insurance, not "would." Whatever. It was too late: the 30% estimate had long since become a piece of conservative lore about the dire effects of Obamacare.


James "Whitey" Bulger, notorious Boston gangster on FBI's Most Wanted List, captured in California


Most Pakistanis Disapprove of bin Laden Killing
Most Pakistanis see the U.S. as an enemy, consider it a potential military threat and oppose American-led anti-terrorism efforts. A majority also describes bin Laden's death as a bad thing and many say it will have a negative impact on the already strained relations between the U.S. and their country. Read more


 Don't know much about history

First the good news: The nation's eighth-graders are doing better in history class. Now the bad news: They're not doing much better. Gains in test scores are small, made by the lowest performers, and just 17 percent of those tested are "proficient," or competent.


DWI Blood Draws without a Warrant?

Do law enforcement officers in Missouri have the right to order a blood draw if they suspect a driver is drunk -- even if they haven't gotten a judge to issue a warrant?

At issue is a case involving a Cape Girardeau man, Tyler McNeely, who was pulled over after speeding and weaving in October 2010. McNeely refused to give a breath sample or a blood sample -- which is more accurate than a Breathalyzer and increasingly used in DUI cases across the nation.


Yemen (AP)
Female anti-government protestors, display their hands painted with the colours of their national flag and  during a demonstration demanding the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in Taiz, Yemen, Tuesday, June 21, 2011. Syrian and Libyan flags are seen painted on a hand top center, with markings read in Arabic, ' We will not forget you, the victory is coming'.  (AP Photo/Anees Mahyoub)AP - Dozens of al-Qaida militants battled their way out of prison Wednesday in the latest sign that Yemen's political upheaval has emboldened them to challenge authorities in the country's nearly lawless south, security officials said.


Tobey Maguire Sued Over Multi-Million Dollar Illegal Poker Game; DiCaprio, Affleck & Damon Involved

By Dylan Howard,  Senior Executive Editor, Star

Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire is among more than a dozen high-profile Hollywood celebrities being sued in connection with a mega-millions illegal gambling ring that ran high-stakes underground poker games, Star magazine is reporting exclusively.  More from them....


In 1969, Justice Abe Fortas resigned in disgrace after the nation learned that he had accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts from corporate executives. But now there's a scandal just as serious involving Clarence Thomas.  More on the story...


The Bieb gets Jumped.

Justin Bieber was tackled and knocked to the ground by a man who jumped a barricade outside Macy’s in New York this afternoon, say witnesses on the scene.

“He literally tried to attack him,” said one woman.

On the ground, Bieber was heard saying, “What? What?”

Bieber was described as “startled and shaken up,” but not injured.

Bieber had been inside the store to promote his new fragrance “Someday” when he went outside to greet approximately 500 fans who were unable to attend the event inside Macy’s.

Witnesses say that as Bieber came out the door, an unidentified man jumped a police barrier and knocked him to the ground.   VIDEO...SCREAMING GIRLS SEE HIM GO DOWN

Cops grabbed the man, who reportedly was a plainclothes officer who initially didn’t identify himself.
Gossip Cop can confirm that the police also took away and summonsed a 47-year-old security guard for Bieber who didn’t budge when officers asked the crowd to move away from the singer.
He was later cited disorderly conduct.

After the incident, Bieber went back into the store.

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