Jun 9, 2011

Updated: Area preparing for MIGHTY MO Flooding

Mo River at Parkville Sunday
Parkville is preparing volunteer sandbagging in readiness to keep the often flooded city from disaster.  The city was especially hard hit along Highway 9 by the river through downtown in 2003.  The Missouri River is already bank to bank at Parkville and around Kansas City.

Latest Parkville city hall link to the sandbagging - Volunteers Needed early Thurs.

At this point, key dates related to arriving flood waters in Parkville are Sunday, June 12 and Saturday, June 18.   

Parkville Riverside forecast flooding - click to enlarge

Wider - click to enlarge

The map showing Parkville's City Park will be flooded as it usually is.  Sandbags are being placed to protect the lower lying downtown area business district which is only flooded in the worst circumstances.  Newer business construction further downriver in Riverside between Parkville's business area and I-635 will face its first test of high water since dikes and newer construction has taken place.

Leavenworth is also sandbagging today around the community center.  More fm Leavenworth Times...

Missouri River Flooding.  It's a comin' this way... Upstream flooding from the Des Moines Register


Details from the Army Corps of Engineers.  

Thursday UPDATE, sandbagging finished.

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