Jun 19, 2011

Alonzo finally speaks some truth... But still misses the Solution to Crime

Here's what Alonzo Washington wrote on father's day about praying and crime:

We have too much praying & not enough obeying. AdHoc prays against crime for money. They have no results or successes in the battle against crime. They just pray on TV a lot.

We also have some Black preachers who pray on TV.   Rev. Wright who I like and I know that he wants to make a difference in the community.   However, I also know that he can't reach many of the young people he wants to stop from doing the killing. The same could be said for preacher who was on the news asking Black men to man up for peace. He wants us to pray against crack houses.  Praying & talking to the peace is nobel. (sic)

However, we must act on our prayers to lead to results. Too many preachers want to pray. Too many want to march. That's very easy to do. It often leads to no results.

And he quotes this from the Star..another warm and fuzzy essay

Manning UP.  THREE solutions are so incredibly apparent to me to solve the problem of crime among black youth.   

  • Repeal AFDC so single moms quit malpracticing their non-parental skills by making babies for a living.
  • MENTOR YOUR OWN kids, fathers!
  • Tell your friends who fathered children to mentor THEIRS if they expect your respect.  

It's a lot easier to raise them right the first time than to fix them after they're broken.

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