Jun 23, 2011

150 pageviews a day on pregnant Erin Little!

Ya'd think she was Justin Bieber or the Kardashian girls...but I swear, I get 150 hits a day by mostly Kansas Citians wanting to know about Erin Little's second pregnancy.  I hadn't watched for a while but I caught her act on KMBCTV 9's weather cast, and yup, she's bigger than a breadbox with her second baby.

Erin had her first child, a girl, just over a year ago.  She announced she was with second child just a year to nearly the day in May after her first child was born.  Erin's expected to be on maternity leave in the fall.

Here's a shot of her, blocking out eastern Missouri again.  (I kid Erin...it's great we're in a time when an expecting weathercaster gets to stay on the air...it wasn't always that way in TV).   And she looks great!

Noticed that 9's Brian Busby's ALSO bigger than a breadbox...but not nearly as great looking!  (Giggle)

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