May 31, 2011

Sarah Palin... please run for president!

1.Why Sarah Palin Should Run in 2012

Sarah Palin showed up at the Rolling Thunder bikers' rally on Sunday and said nothing, thus throwing the media into a frenzy. Now she's headed to various other patriotic sites, which will send the press into further spasms. There is no better moment than now for Sarah Palin to run for president, writes The Daily Beast's Peter Beinart. The ex-governor who would snare most of the social-conservative votes that might have gone to Mike Huckabee and Haley Barbour—and in 2016, she'd be old news and face a stronger primary field.

Read it at The Daily Beast

Mo Rage Just doesn't have a sense of humor!

She's got a new house in Arizona.  Maybe she can see the FENCE from her house! 

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