May 25, 2011

Once KC itself is safe from tornados, do we want the weathermen to end coverage?


Been a long time since I've heard the Sirens in THIS part of town but at midday, I dutifully went to my 'safe place'--a new phrase in teevee-tornado-speak.  I had the TV up loud as I huddled away from the screen but nobody explained why the sirens were going off here, other than referring to a map I was not able to see in my 'safe place'.

Trouble with KC TV viewers, is once the center city's no longer in danger, they wanna go back to regular programming.   And the stations keep interviewing field reporters not keeping up with the storm to tell us again what WAS, not what IS!

Since most storms go west to east, and the hit was hard in Sedalia way east, well that should shut them up a little.

Sadly, Sedalia didn't get the quality of coverage they deserved when the shit was hitting the fan at the tail end of the storm coverage at midday Wednesday.  TV caught up getting the 'hours after' damage stories, but the big secret is that they didn't do for Sedalia what the storm -- and those viewers-- warranted when the tornado was coming in!

The KC television stations need to ask KFOR TV Oklahoma City how to cover storms.  They know.  ITs not about the TV station's coverage, its about the viewers needs at the moment.  Where are the damned storms exactly?  Windy reporters need to STFU when they don't have life threatening observations.  A quick, "Hi, I'm in Olathe, nothing here, Brian!" rather than some minute-long 'color' piece of what the rain was like on the windshield ten minutes ago.

Moreover, tell us where the SHIT is... not where it ISN'T!   KC television stations are so preoccupied with their coverage, rather than the storm itself!  Pick up the pace.  Do it like KFOR does it.  Get a tape from them and you'll see what I mean.  One thing about OKLA City TV... they know how to handle tornados!

PS... how long do we stay in our 'safe place'?  Til tomorrow?  Or will you tell us quickly when the skies are clearing and we can quit huddling on the floor in the dark basement?  Moreover, you're providing your coverage to US, not to just out-perform your competitors with windy liveshots!


JOPLIN UPDATE Thursday  midday 5/26.   125 dead, 750 treated for injuries 156 reported unaccounted for (Missing).   16 month old missing boy reported found dead in the city morgue.  City says its shifting from search and rescue to RECOVERY mode since no more survivors have been found trapped since the Sunday tornado strike that destroyed about a third of Joplin, a city of 50,000 people.   More from the Joplin Globe...

Various KC community-based truck trips are traveling to Joplin this week with supplies including food, medicine, bottled water, tools, generators, and clothes for the newly homeless.

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