May 4, 2011

Obama decides NObin pix; Reuters releases other bloody pix

yet another good move by the O'Man.


Addendum 3:30pm.  Reuters bought some death scene pix from a Pakistani cop shot an hour or so after the US left the site.  3 men in pools of blood, head shots. 
Warning Graphic Photo!
LiveLeak published one, shot in the chin.  Of course Matt Drudge, doing anything to trash Obama, adds the pix of one of the men... gruesome.  You can go look at it if you want.  I did.  I got the same reaction I always do at these kinds of scenes and regretted seeing it afterwards because I don't like those imprints in my head.

It's disturbing if you have any sensitivities at all.  Some days I think Drudge ought to be poked in the eye and buried unceremoniously at sea.   But anyway Reuters has no class and neither did the cop that sold the pictures for his own gain.

I'm even more glad Obama didn't release the bin Laden photos.  Time to move on now, and use bin Laden's computer data against his al Quada compatriots.

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